The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, in partnership with the Asian Network, launched last week a new ERIA initiative to promote inclusive economic development through entrepreneurship and innovation across ASEAN and East Asia: the E-S-I Knowledge Lab.
The Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Innovation Knowledge (E-S-I) Lab is a platform to discuss, share idea and develop new knowledge on how innovation and business creation are contributing to the post-pandemic recovery across ASEAN and East Asia.
The platform is open and collaborative and engages actors across the academia, the business community, policy makers as well as international organisations, according to the ERIA’s press statement.
The E-S-I Knowledge Lab scopes new tech and innovation trends in a number of key areas for the development of ASEAN and wants to connect the growing community of ASEAN innovators with peers across the globe.
The E-S-I Knowledge Lab is also committed to promote innovation for inclusive development, in particular by promoting knowledge on how to support women entrepreneurs and innovators, innovative social enterprises working to include persons with disabilities and the digitalisation of MSMEs.
“The E-S-I Knowledge Lab is our new platform to discuss how innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming ASEAN economies. Women in ASEAN have a major role to play and this is why women entrepreneurs and innovators will be key participants in our activities going forward,” said Dr. Giulia Ajmone Marsan, Strategy and Partnership Director at ERIA.
During the launch event, key women from the Cambodian business community, knowledge organisations and entrepreneurship and innovation support organisations gathered to discuss challenges and opportunities of women participation in the digital economy.
The first launch event of the E-S-I Knowledge Lab took place in Cambodia, the country hosting the ASEAN Chairmanship during 2022.
Other launch events will soon take place in Thailand and Singapore amongst other ASEAN countries. Chea Vannak – AKP
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