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There’s a lot to think about as an entrepreneur. From considering new technology to help push your business into the black, thinking about hiring, developing soft skills, and so much more, you’d be forgiven if you feel like you need to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day. But if you’re feeling a little sick of the same old wine rotation, why not mix it up?
For a limited time, we’re offering a special deal on Winc Wine Delivery. If you sign up by June 19, you can get your first order of 12 bottles of wine for just $84.99 — a significant discount off the regular $155 price tag.
Winc has received rave reviews from leading outlets like BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post, helping the business ascend to the top of the wine delivery subscription game. Winc believes that getting a great bottle of wine should be as simple as enjoying one, and is cleverly designed to help wine lovers of all experience levels enjoy some of the world’s finest wines that they wouldn’t find at their local liquor store.
Winc’s curated list includes more than 100 wines, all sourced from some of the finest vineyards and wineries in the world, the company says. With your first order, you’ll get 12 bottles of wine curated to you based on a Palate Profile Quiz. Winc will use your quiz to find the best bottles for your tastes, package them up, and deliver to your door. As you continue with more boxes and provide more feedback on Winc’s selections, you’ll get even better recommendations down the line.
Kick back with fine wine from around the world this summer. Hurry and order by June 19, and you’ll get 12 bottles from Winc Wine Delivery for just $84.99 (reg. $155).
Prices subject to change.
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