JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A Jacksonville economic group has been given a $1 million grant meant to provide economic opportunities in the city.
The City of Jacksonville says Jacksonville-Onslow Economic Development is getting the funding for the Jacksonville Business Park from the SITE Program Grant, provided by the Golden LEAF Foundation.
The program grant is meant to help with projects like the business park that will positively impact the economies of Eastern Carolina cities.
The City of Jacksonville says the park is one of its latest efforts to keep growing and benefit all citizens of the city by bringing in more industry and jobs. The 40 acres where the park will sit, in the area of Western Boulevard and Gum Branch Road, are currently undeveloped.
WITN is told that the $1 million in grant funds will allow the city to start clearing, grading, and making drainage improvements at the Jacksonville Business Park, allowing the property to be shovel-ready for economic development.
“A primary goal of the Jacksonville City Council is to build a strong economic future for our community,” Mayor Sammy Phillips said. “The city’s partnership with JOED and Golden LEAF to develop the business park advances that goal by creating opportunity for new jobs and increased commerce.”
The city says it is looking at other grant opportunities with JOED for the park as well. City staff hope to get about $1.5 million in funding to design and make infrastructure improvements that will make the park appealing for private development. As of June 6th, $1.292 million has been awarded.
Construction at the park is expected to start later this year.
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