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Published on June 8, 2022
Due to Covid, consumers started utilizing the power of e-commerce. A report from Danz media said, ‘Our homes have become offices, and entertainment spaces and human interaction and touch is diminishing’. It is a time of extreme tension. The majority of the purchasing power of the future lay between Millenials and Gen Z. One such Millennial entrepreneur who breathes hopes and possibilities in the eCommerce world is Nivetha Muralidharan. After graduating from a top University in South India and being placed in an IT firm, she gave up her job to start her full-time e-commerce business venture. Nivetha started her journey in 2013 by selling handmade products. Owning up to her mistakes and tackling them, Nivetha became a successful seller. Keeping in mind that Knowledge is Power, she expanded her business by helping other entrepreneurs. Now she runs a successful agency called Newgenmax. Nivetha handled 1000+ projects across six countries which encouraged her to share the experience of online business and its perks with others.
In addition to this, her one-year new venture is Nivetha E- academy. In this academy, she trained many people (including students, homemakers, and officegoers) to start an online business effectively. She has almost trained 40000+ students about the process of selling online through various courses offered. Experienced mentors share all their strategies and proven methods of becoming a better sellers tomorrow.
Nivetha E-Academy is the perfect place to start your e-commerce journey. Nivetha onboarded the best coaches in the industry to train her students. One among them is Vinu Somarajan, who has expertise in the Print On Demand business.
Mr Vinu Somarajan is a Graphic Designer turned Accountant turned E-commerce Entrepreneur. He quit his job and started helping his wife with her business. He was into Share Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Over the period, Vinu tried Print On Demand Business but could not succeed. He did not give up. His determination paved the way for finding a mentor who helped him in his business. By following the exact strategies of his mentor, he succeeded in the POD business. He has generated multiple six figures in his Ecommerce business.
Vinu faced an immense loss due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. Then he thought that many people are struggling hard themselves without a mentor. He then did a lot of research about the POD business and gained experience. Now, he is a Digital Coach at Nivetha E-Academy. His mission is to help people attain financial freedom by inspiring them to start an eCommerce business.
After the pandemic, people tried to sell customized products without inventory. Print on Demand is eyeing an opportunity to pitch its innovations to the eCommerce industry. Vinu has created an exclusive module to kickstart your print-on-demand business with fewer investments, promising to provide you with a complete insight into the POD business. 
Nivetha envisions creating a platform for everyone who aspires to be a skilful person in their career with no barriers. Her simple motto is inspiring millions of aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their eCommerce journey where the solid foundation is taken care of to the next level of the digital multitude. If you are a passionate coach who has different views on the eCommerce industry, check out Nivetha E Academy for her future projects or collaboration for an exciting role at her academy.

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