QCity Metro has partnered with the UNC Charlotte MBA to host discussions with experts and entrepreneurs on a range of business topics.
With the launch of their 100% online MBA program, UNC Charlotte wanted to help us highlight some of the entrepreneurs and business talent already in the Queen City, through online webinars.
QCity Metro columnist and entrepreneurship coach, Donna Maria, hosts the Business Matters interviews. Throughout this four part series, you’ll enjoy the lively spirit Donna Maria brings to these conversations, as a range of business topics are discussed.
In the first installment Donna Maria sat down virtually with Jabbar Jamison and Centario Grier – owners of J&G Legacy Financial Group. They chat about how to choose the right business partner, the life of a founder, and how Jamison benefitted from enrolling in UNC Charlotte’s MBA program.
Next, Donna Maria chatted with Dr. George Banks – associate professor of management and chair of the Department of Management at UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business. They discuss current and future trends in business, how to be a successful entrepreneur and more.
Donna Maria will chat with another professor, Dr. Janaki Gooty about the experiences MBA students take part in during the MBA Program. Finally, Donna Maria will talk to Latesha Byrd – a Belk College of Business alum about her entrepreneurship journey.
Keep your eye out for those discussions coming later this summer.
Business Matters is presented in partnership between UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business. Advance your career on your terms with the Charlotte online MBA, launching this fall with a choice of tech-focused concentrations. Applications are being accepted now for fall admission.
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