Entrepreneurship is that invaluable calling of life which makes an individual stand out amongst his/her peers. While it is known to most of us that entrepreneurs are big-time risk takers, what many don’t know is that there is real-life evidence that entrepreneurship pursuits can drive large scale socio-economic transformation, behavioral change and foster game-changing and life changing innovations for our society.
But sadly, not all entrepreneurs succeed in achieving these worthy milestones. Why so, you may ask? The answer is simple – it’s because they do not realize the significance of becoming a legendary business leader.
Below mentioned are some key steps that an individual pursuing entrepreneurship needs to go through in their journey of turning from a leader to a legend:
Legacy creation is about using one’s own learnings and values to make a lasting impact on his/her peers, environment and the society, and country at large. It is our Legacy that becomes our identity and our ticket to immortality. Legacy gives a meaning and a purpose to a leader’s existence and enables him to inspire future generations. And more importantly, legacy enables a business leader to live a superlative life while parallelly making a superlative impact on others’ lives and lifestyles.
No matter what domain or industry your business might be operating in, it is imperative today that all kinds of business leaders move forward in spirit and action towards becoming a legend. A leader becomes a legend only when he/she leaves behind a meaningful legacy.
And this is exactly where legacy coaching steps in and plays a pivotal role. Legacy coaching is the process of letting an individual pursuing entrepreneurship to discover his/her ‘true identity’ as well as true inner potential. Once the awareness grows and realization dawns in, you are already miles ahead of your entrepreneurial peers in creating your own legacy in the times to come.
When it comes to an entrepreneur’s worthy journey of becoming a legend in his own right, there’s a simplistic ‘VIP’ formula he/she needs to follow, where ‘V’ stands for one’s values, ‘I’ stands for finding ones identity, and ‘P’ stands for purpose – the three initial aspects to be prioritized.
First off, let’s talk about values. Given that our value systems are embedded within our inner being, having the right values can enable an entrepreneur to make the correct decisions throughout their business and life journey.
When you are empowered to act based on your values, it automatically results in laser-focused decision-making, super impactful leadership and building the base towards a meaningful legacy creation. Your values need to be supported and aligned with our true ‘identity’ – which will enable you as an existing or aspiring entrepreneur to know and accept who you truly are and how you would like to be remembered as, thus laying the foundational pillar to forming your legacy.
Next comes the ‘purpose’ which when one discovers would help him/her in answering the big ‘why’ question, ‘why’ are we doing what we are doing? Besides discovering their own purpose in life, an entrepreneur or business leader must also find their business’ purpose; when these two are aligned with each other, it certainly puts you on track for achieving massive success and creating an indomitable legacy.
After finding your values, identity and purpose, it’s time to add another significant and indispensable ingredient to your legacy creation journey, i.e. ‘vision’. By adding this ‘V’ (for vision) to your life’s trajectory, an entrepreneur can over time turn into visionary leader, and a true legend. Such a leader will surely have the necessary conviction, willpower, strength and stability to continue despite uphill challenges or adversities to move forward towards his/her goals of leaving a meaningful legacy and experiencing a fulfilling living.
Beyond any doubt, our legacy is what drives an ordinary entrepreneur to the pinnacle of transformative leadership (also known as ‘Sarvat leadership thinking’) and also keeps us alive for posterity. It is, in fact, also what inspires our future generations to become legends as well.  And this is why it is so important to leave your legacy, because only by creating one’s legacy it allows us to touch the highest level of our existence – the self-actualization state.
While it is certainly imperative to reflect on our true nature and identity of being a legend, thereby deepening that thought process and preparing oneself to consciously play the game of life in the best way, but it is also equally important to practice real-life applications of these thoughts into action by practically applying one’s learnings in day-to day interactions. After all, in order to become a superlative business leader and entrepreneur, it is all about enhancing the awareness and putting that awareness into practice, one step at a time, and then recreating and deepening the powerful habit channels.
Anish Rakheja
Guest contributor Anish Rakheja (Coach Anish) is the Founder & CEO of Krescon Coaches, a global comprehensive legacy creation, leadership grooming, business succession planning, and career transition firm. Any opinions expressed in this article are strictly that of the author.
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