Beloved consumer brands including Ted’s Bulletin, Michelin Bib Gourmand Winners Federalist Pig and Honeymoon Chicken, Kramers, Sidekick Bakery, Ensemble Digital Kitchen, and more united under one hospitality banner.
WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Steve Salis, Founder & CEO of Salis Holdings, has officially launched Catalogue – a house of consumer brands that share the philosophy of elevating the everyday. Born out of the desire to create an organic connection between businesses with a shared philosophy. Catalogue is a home base for each brand, defined by its own individual identity and cult-like following. By creating this network of brands, information and ideas will be seamlessly shared to better serve Catalogue’s current and future guests.

“My goal in forming Catalogue was to better centralize where these premium yet accessible brands could live,” says Steve Salis. “The idea emerged as an answer to the question: what do consumers really want? And the answer was simple – we all want better. Better products, better quality, better value, better experiences. As we head into this next phase of growth, I want to focus on our expanding house of consumer brands, through the spirit of discovery, acquisition or investments, forming new partnerships and leveraging best practices across our network.”
Salis and his team have spent years studying what makes certain brands stand out and what inspires guest loyalty. The answer became clear and the mission has remained consistent – Catalogue aspires to make The Everyday Exceptional, Catalogue is creating the future of the consumer experience by making premium, approachable. Through the spirit of discovery, Catalogue aims to not only intrigue guests with new products and services to better their every day, but also serve as a place where brands can come to grow, create and collaborate with other unique brands.
Catalogue is redefining the idea that premium can and should be accessible, with a focus on quality, design and value, these brands make the aspirational feel approachable by offering higher standards. With sights set on further network and brand expansion, Salis and his team have plans toto to further expand their roster, which includes:
The Catalogue brand is committed to partnering with local organizations to make positive change in the communities that have always supported each brand and around the world. Ongoing and upcoming community outreach includes:
Salis and the Catalogue team are looking forward to bringing their unique experiences and brands to life in new locations while continuing to serve communities where these brands have already become household names. With further growth plans, there is much to look forward to over the next several years at Catalogue.
For more information about Catalogue, visit, officially launching Thursday June 6, 2022.
Media Contacts
Bullfrog + Baum
Lily Stearns
Steve Salis has officially launched Catalogue – a house of consumer brands that share the philosophy of elevating the everyday
Media Contacts
Bullfrog + Baum
Lily Stearns


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