The founder of Incantevole Milano left slovakia with just a small suitcase and big dreams
MILAN, Italy, June 7, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Renowned European entrepreneur, model, and fashion icon, Ida Gasparova has proudly announced the launch of her new Capsule Collection under her fashion brand Incantevole Milano. In 2021, Ida ventured into entrepreneurship with her fashion line  Incantevelo Milano, which is designed exclusively for young and fearless women. Prior to the launch of her fashion line in 2021, she had a very successful career as a model with extensive travel, and over the years, she has also turned into an animal rights activist and a globe trotter.
“The only thought in my mind while creating this fashion line was that women deserve to feel feminine and sensual while remaining classic,” said Ida Gasparova, while talking about her fashion line  Incantevelo Milano. “Incantevole is a timeless ode to Italian craft for the modern woman, and it offers minimal, yet distinctive luxury pieces that can be integrated effortlessly into any modern woman’s wardrobe.”
According to Ida, her brand is much more than just creating high-quality products as she wants to create a lifestyle brand that defines modern luxury.
Being an avid traveler, Ida Gasparova believes that travel is something greater than a journey of self-discovery. She believes that travel shapes the traveler’s perceptions and helps them realize their true goals in life she has experienced this throughout her adventures. Being a successful European model, she used to travel almost six months of the year. Hailing from a small town in Slovakia, Ida is a living inspiration for many aspiring stars because she left home with only a small suitcase, but her dreams were always big.
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