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An attempted proposal in Disneyland Paris is going viral after an employee interrupted in a cringeworthy way.
The happiest place on Earth just got a lot less happy in the most cringeworthy way possible — so much so that Disney itself is issuing an apology on behalf of a total proposal failure inside one of its parks.
A video went viral over the weekend that showed a man proposing to his girlfriend in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland Paris. The man drops to one knee while his girlfriend lifts her hands in shock and delight taking in the moment, before it’s absolutely ruined.
In the clip, a Disney employee can be seen jumping between the happy couple and snatching the ring from the man, sparking confusion. He scurries down the stairs of the castle platform where the man follows him and asks for the ring back.
The video was originally posted on Reddit by a man who claims to best friends with the man who was proposing, and has since been reposted and shared across social media channels and platforms, from TikTok to Twitter to even Instagram.
Many weighed in with commentary on what happened but surprisingly were divided among the Twitter-sphere, with some claiming that the employee’s behavior was justified while others expressing that the employee ruined a life-changing moment between the couple.
As an ex Disney employee, gotta say that this dude did everything right. I’m sad for the couple, but you have no clue of the consequences he might have faced if the proposal kept going in there. The employee handled it exactly as they train us to do.
The dude who interrupted the Disney proposal is the perfect example of someone taking their job too seriously. I doubt he gets paid enough to do that anyways and I think it’s almost guaranteed that he’s gonna get fired. He literally snatched the ring out of the dude’s hand. Smh.
idk what disney park that proposal actually happened at but hopefully my tags still get across lmfao. it just really bothers me how smug that dude was. he really thought he did something.
As an ex Disney employee, gotta say that this dude did everything right. I’m sad for the couple, but you have no clue of the consequences he might have faced if the proposal kept going in there. The employee handled it exactly as they train us to do.
My response to the “Disney Employee Ruined Proposal”: The employee likely was in the right to move them. Disney DOES crack down on employees not enforcing compliance. HOWEVER, taking the ring out of their hands and running off, is illegal. Can’t touch private property like that.
honestly I’m still mad about that video of the Disney employee ruining the proposal. Don’t blame the employee though, he was enforcing a Disney policy. I blame Disney.
The Disneyland employee who crashed the proposal should be sacked. Working in a kids park and you have no human decency? Feel like Disney should reimburse this couple, maybe even with the wedding
@DisneyStudios what are you doing for the couple whose marriage proposals was stopper by one of YOUR employees who clearly enjoys being the biggest A-hole to people because why?where Is the love? Awarenes? Where is the magic of Disney #Disney #proposal billion dollar corporation
On the original Reddit thread, the man who posted the video claimed that his friend had asked permission to another employee to forward with the proposal, though the man did not purchase Disney’s “Proposal Photograph” package which is an additional $149 plus the cost of admission to the park, according to one Reddit user.
However, on Disney’s website, there is no option for international proposal packages or fees, just options for packages in California, Florida (Disneyworld), Hawaii and Disney Cruise Lines.
Though Disney’s Standards of Business Ethics documentation that is publicly available does not directly address what an employee is meant to do in this given situation, the company does give an overarching statement about taking care of guests.
“Promoting the health, safety and welfare of our guests and customers is a critical responsibility – one that should never be ignored, minimized or sacrificed. All of us share the responsibility of helping to make guests safe and secure,” the documentation reads. “Do your part to meet our high standards, whether you are designing, building, operating or maintaining our Company attractions, products or facilities.”
The company did, however, publicly respond to the incident via a statement given to Newsweek lamenting about the employees behavior.
“We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson told the outlet. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”
It is unclear whether or not the employee involved will face disciplinary action.
Entrepreneur has reached out to Disney for clarification and additional commentary on the incident.
Disney was down nearly 40% in a one-year period as of Tuesday afternoon.
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