Every year, top financial firms attract thousands of applicants for internship roles. In early 2022, Goldman Sachs reported 236,000 intern applications, a record for the company. With an acceptance rate of just 1.5%, the company accepted 2,900 globally in 2021.
For those pursuing a career in finance, an internship at the top banking and investment firms is highly competitive given the opportunity to break into a high-paying field. While interns at top firms can earn over $80,000 on a prorated basis over a 10-week period, landing a job as a full-time junior banker can pay up to $150,000 in the first year.
From J.P Morgan to Citigroup, internships at the world’s largest financial firms provide the opportunity to conduct research and financial analysis, and gain hands-on experience in the field. Here are the most prestigious finance internships, based on a survey of 11,400 interns from Firsthand, a career services platform.
In addition to the above programs, the following financial firms offer noteworthy internship opportunities:
According to a Firsthand survey of 11,400 interns, Goldman Sachs offers the most prestigious finance internship. In 2022, the firm received a record 236,000 applications—14% higher than the previous year.
Following Goldman Sachs is J.P Morgan, which received 50,000 intern applications in 2021, and Morgan Stanley.
With compensation of $8,333, Goldman Sach sits among the highest-paying internship programs. Additionally, Glassdoor research shows that the finance internships offering the highest pay include Capital One ($8,333), Deutsche Bank ($7,083), Susquehanna International Group ($7,000), BlackRock ($6,917), and J.P. Morgan ($6,667).
Finance internships offer a broad range of exposure, experience, and responsibilities found in the day-to-day life of working at financial firms. Typical duties include financial analysis, company valuation, client presentations, and conducting market research. In addition, internships may offer networking opportunities, speaker series, mentorship opportunities.
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 51.8% of student interns land full-time employment across all disciplines and industries. Not only is landing an internship at a reputable firm an excellent way to get started in investment banking, it provides on-the-job experience that prospective employers will be looking for.
While the application process is cutthroat, securing an internship position is a prime opportunity to gain insight from senior bankers, learn the technical skills, and progress to a full-time position. For many of the most coveted financial firms, an internship is a sure-fire way to transition into an entry level role.

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