Wilton High School sophomore Colin Gilmor is joining the ranks of Fairfield County’s entrepreneurs this month with the launch of his business College Bound Rickshaws.

Gilmor’s startup will provide rickshaw ride services in the Wilton Village area. The rides will be free, although passengers are encouraged to provide donations that will be divided between Wilton-based charities and the college savings funds of the drivers, including Gilmor.
Gilmor noted that College Bound Rickshaws is able to provide their rides for free in part to the donation and support of the Cathedral of Cincinnati in Southern Ohio. The business will primarily be operational during the spring, summer and fall.
“When family and friends visited, there was not an activity or way to show them Wilton center in a fun and engaging way,” said Gilmor. “I wanted to offer a solution to the town that brought the community together with a business that was green and sustainable, as fighting climate change is important to me,” says Gilmor.
Gilmor added that rickshaw trips can consist of grocery store runs for mature adults, date night for riders or multiple Wilton area restaurant visits by friend groups. The rickshaw is available for special events such as weddings, birthday parties or special occasions, and booking can be arranged through the company’s website at cbrickshaws.com.

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