Maya Ray is what we call post-grad goals.
During her time as a college student, the Gen Z entrepreneur brainstormed a business idea that would have her financially set post-grad.
A month after graduating from Georgia State University, the alumna launched FYC Vending — a vending machine company — which has generated $119,000 in sales, according to Business Insider.
While in a job drought following her graduation, Ray decided to look elsewhere for potential opportunities. Her exploration led her to come across a course on starting a vending machine business. It was taught by Marcus Gram, who went on to become her mentor. Recalling the lack of spots for late-night munchies when she attended college, her alma mater’s campus turned into her first client.
To make a profit, you have to put your own dime into starting a new business.
Currently, Ray has three vending machines at Georgia State University and two at Kennesaw State University that are returning more of what she has invested to keep them running. In the decision-making for where to install her machines, Ray “first looks at the number of students living in the building and the number of employees working there. Then she thinks about who will have access to the machines and whether they will need them,” per the outlet.
“I learned to do more research and get a full story before jumping in, especially if it’s going to be a big investment,” she said.
Ray plans on using her success story to help other aspiring entrepreneurs reach the same level. In the near future, she wants to spread the knowledge of how to start a vending machine business at Atlanta-area colleges.
“My passion is to introduce the younger generation to it so that they have someone they can ask questions or have a better idea of ​​how the industry really works and what they need to do to be successful in it.”
One of the first victims of the company-wide headcount reduction in white collar jobs had just moved to Singapore for the polarizing CEO just 12 months ago.
The crypto market is worth less than $1 trillion for the first time in 16 months as bitcoin, ether, and other tokens plummet.
Chinese Canadian rapper and pop star Kris Wu attended his closed-door trial at a court in Beijing last week, with reports saying the former EXO member could receive between three to 10 years of jail time on rape charges. The trial was held at Chaoyang District People's Court on Friday to protect the victims’ privacy, the Beijing High People's Court said in a news release. Chinese influencer Du Meizhu accused Wu, 31, of luring girls under the age of 18 into having sex under the pretense that they would be recruited as actors.
The U.S. stock market is experiencing a liquidation panic where everything is getting sold. Analysis from Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges suggests a rare Inverse Zweig Breadth Thrust (ZBT). Notwithstanding the fact that negative ZBTs were not part of Marty Zweig’s work as detailed in his book, “Winning on Wall Street,” this study is nearing “torturing the data until it talks” territory.
McCarthy has tried several times over the past week to advance the measure — which passed the Senate last month but has stalled in the Democrat-controlled House.
A Texas city zoo captured a mysterious figure on its security cameras – and they need the Internet's help to identify it.
"So, yes, I mean, the truth be told, people will look back on this debacle and say, 'I wish I had fresh cash to buy into that'," Scaramucci said.
Kylie Jenner shared a gym selfie, vowing to get stronger after giving birth to her second baby despite recent knee and back pain
“I think we’re pricing in a mild recession … I’m not saying how severe the recession actually will be,” Wharton's Jeremy Siegel said, adding that dividend stocks may begin to look attractive for investors even as rates rise.
Steve Kerr compared Stephen Curry to a "metronome" because he never strays from his daily routine and loves to put in the work.
Daman Rangoola: Individual excellence. At every facet of the game – and the height you've achieved is perhaps the highest anybody ever has. Kobe Bryant is my favorite player ever – the diff between him in 05-06 vs 08-09 as an example is he imprinted …
In her first sit-down interview since the verdict in her defamation trial against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard says that while she doesn’t “blame” the jury for their decision, she says, “You cannot tell me that you think that this has been fair.” Speaking with NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie in a preview clip that aired on […]
NBAcoach1: Can you describe a story from playing with Steph Curry that accurately describes what kind of a person he is? Andrew Bogut: He is one of the few superstars I have been around that DOES NOT act like a superstar. He is one of the best human …
Coeur d'Alene's police chief said people who have made death threats toward his department "want nothing more than to scream and yell at us."
The tone of the typical isolation postcard is sunny, insistent and aspirational as a holiday greeting: “Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes for @VP,” wrote Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman, on Twitter. “She is feeling good and is working from home.” Like so many Americans, Vice President Kamala Harris got COVID-19 in late April. Like so many Americans, she worked right through it, seated at her desk surrounded by the signifiers of productivity: binders, pens, pastel Post-it notes. Other COV
The "O.C." actress is tackling taboo topics on her new podcast.
The father-daughter pair were all smiles as they arrived at the event at the Fenice theatre in Venice
Mob justice is not uncommon​ in parts of Mexico, particularly in more remote areas where police are slow to arrive.
The personal-finance guru warned soaring inflation could lead to starvation, and people can eat cans of tuna and baked beans, unlike metals or tokens.
DENYS KARLOVSKYY – MONDAY, 13 JUNE 2022, 16:32 On the anniversary of the liberation of Mariupol from occupation by Russian militants in 2014, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released photos of the current state of the city under Russian occupation.


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