A finance executive was reportedly fired after a viral video showed him getting into a fight with restaurant staff in New York City. 
Roman Cambell, a director at Credit Suisse, forced his way into Shanghai Mong in Koreatown to use the bathrooms, said Sunabi Yi, whose parents own the restaurant. 
Yi told The Independent that when the incident happened early on June 4, her mother, Jane Yi, told Cambell that restrooms were only for customers. But Cambell refused to leave the restaurant and became increasingly aggressive with staff, Sunabi Yi told the outlet. 
Cambell began recording the incident on his phone, as did Jane Yi. At one point, Cambell tried to grab Jane Yi’s phone, Sunabi Yi told the Independent. 
“We’re just mentally traumatized,” Yi told Insider. “During the whole thing, my mom was scared. She started calling the police because things were getting out of hand. And then as he walked towards the back of the restaurant, he was like, ‘I’m gonna wait for the police. You better call the police. I’m not gonna move.'” 
Restaurant surveillance video cited by the Independent showed Cambell as he pushed his way into the back of the restaurant near the kitchen while multiple people tried to restrain him. 
“His friends were trying to push him out,” Yi told Insider. “They made it to the front of the restaurant, and then a few minutes later, the cops came, and that’s when he left the restaurant.” 
Yi told the Independent that Cambell punched a server, Jose Morales, about ten times during the altercation. 
“He started punching Jose’s forehead. His friends were trying to drag him out, and then Roman started fighting with his friends,” Yi said, adding that she posted the video on social media to try and find Cambell’s identity and was contacted by multiple Credit Suisse employees who confirmed his identity. 
Yi told Insider that the waiter, Morales, is doing better but still anxious about the incident. 
“He’s doing better. It’s just now he’s scared to serve customers that are drinking. His forehead was bruised for a few days, and the tip of his finger was scabbed a bit,” Yi told Insider. 
The Independent reported that Cambell “had been terminated” by Credit Suisse, citing a source close to the matter. A spokesperson for Credit Suisse did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday. 
“Credit Suisse is aware of the allegations circulating over social media, which occurred off property and are unrelated to Credit Suisse,” a spokesperson told the Independent. “Credit Suisse maintains and adheres to a policy condemning discrimination, bullying or violence of any kind.”
Yi told Insider that she has been in contact with the New York City Police Department. The officers who came to the restaurant on June 4 spoke more to Cambell than Yi’s parents, she told Insider. 
“The cops didn’t really ask us for the CCTV. They didn’t ask us for our perspective on the matter. They just talked to Roman, and that was really strange to my parents,” Yi told Insider, adding that the officers initially filed the case as harassment but are now viewing it as an assault. 
An NYPD spokesperson confirmed there is a report filed for the incident but did not address Yi’s other claims. 
“It was reported to police that a male entered the location asking to use the bathroom and engaged in a verbal dispute with a 28-year-old male victim who tried to remove him from the location. The individual punched the victim and was not hospitalized as a result. The investigation is ongoing at this time,” the NYPD spokesperson said. 
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