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XDC Network, a high-performance Ethereum (ETH) fork, is a technical platform that onboards decentralized oracle protocol Plugin.
Decentralized oracles network Plugin (PLI), which is a most popular fork of Chainlink (LINK), has entered into a partnership with Inclusive Growth Chain (IGC), a blockchain platform designed to address social and environmental problems.
The two teams are going to collaborate on building an industry-first solution that allows the monitoring of the air pollution level through blockchain-based instruments.
The new solution, dubbed Project Pollution Check, is set to allow air pollution tracking and analysis in real time. The protocol will harvest data about air pollution in different regions across the globe to help users with air pollution-related health issues and allergies to make informed decisions for their health.
The solution will be free for end users in different regions of the globe. In this project, Plugin and Inclusive Growth Chain (IGC) will adhere to Air Quality Index (AQI) requirements. Plugin will act as an oracle solution for indexing data from off-chain analytics infrastructure to a purpose-made IGC-based decentralized application.
Project Pollution Check instruments will be of crucial importance for real estate developers, real estate brokers, air purifier companies and government agencies in the sphere of human well-being. Also, real estate traders will be able to choose the best location for elderly people and children to live.
The new protocol will leverage a combination of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Besides being integrated as an oracle solution, Plugin will also host a masternode in the Inclusive Growth Chain (IGC) ecosystem.

Plugin Weather Forecast Node by XDC Supercharges Climate Data Modules with Blockchain Instruments

As covered by U.Today previously, in May 2022, Plugin’s solutions were integrated by weather forecasting nodes. It advanced the accuracy of forecasts and made the entire ecosystem more straightforward and resource efficient.
Plugin’s tokenomic design is underpinned by its native cryptocurrency token, PLI. In Q1, 2022, PLI was listed by an array of top-tier centralized and decentralized exchanges, including the likes of Bitrue, Liquid, HitBTC and Globiance.

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