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This Is an all-inclusive bundle for new entrepreneurs.
If there’s one software that every entrepreneur should have, it’s Microsoft Office. Virtually everyone has some familiarity with Microsoft Office, and it’s extremely useful for entrepreneurs in all industries.
However, if you’re a new entrepreneur who doesn’t want to shell out on Microsoft Office, you’re in luck. With Microsoft Office Professional 2021 and finance courses from Chris Haroun, you’ll get a comprehensive package that could help you start and manage your first business.
The bundle, obviously, is highlighted by a lifetime license to Microsoft Office 2021 Professional for Windows. This gives you access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Publisher, and Access — all of the top tools in the Microsoft Office Suite. From basic word processing to analyzing data like a pro, Microsoft Office makes it more accessible thanks to a ribbon-based user interface that offers quick access to all features, tools, and customizations across the suite in a single place.
In addition to Office, you’ll get three courses from leading online business instructor Chris Haroun. Haroun is an award-winning business school professor, venture capitalist, and MBA graduate from Columbia University. He has raised and managed more than $1 billion in his career between work at hedge fund giant Citadel, consulting firm Accenture, and his venture capital interests.
Haroun’s courses are some of the most in-demand business courses on the internet, and through this bundle, you’ll get “An Entire MBA in 1 Course,” “Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling, & Valuation,” and “The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course” for a great price. It’s a comprehensive business and financial education from which every entrepreneur can benefit — all available to study at your own pace.
Kickstart your entrepreneurial career with a bang. Right now, Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License + Finance Courses from Chris Haroun is available for a budget-friendly $59.99.
Prices subject to change.
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Emily Rella
Emily Rella
Entrepreneur Staff
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