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Benjamin Bowler has received £50,000 after winning the Young Innovators Next Steps 2022 award – Credit: La Vie Est Belle Photography
An entrepreneur from Hackney has received £50,000 to grow his business after winning an award for innovation. 
Benjamin Bowler, 30, was among the 19 business owners who won the Young Innovators Next Steps 2022 award.
He received the prize from Innovate UK after creating Aux, a digital platform for music collaboration which utilises artificial intelligence and neuroscience research.
Benjamin said: “As an experienced young entrepreneur with a growing company, it’s hard to dedicate time, resources and focus into researching new innovative technology. 
“The Young Innovators Awards helps me and my team focus on researching, testing and implementing cutting edge AI technology, which gives the Aux app an edge over our competition in the music-tech space.”
This comes one year after Benjamin won the Young Innovators Award 2021 which recognises aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with financial support and business mentorship.
After winning this first award, Benjamin secured a seven-figure acquisition of some of his company’s technology, allowing him to expand his work force from two employees to seven. 
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