Nikki Reece has always cared about people.
Growing up, the self-professed tomboy would come to the aid of her friends and family when in need. So, years later it came as no surprise that she chose nursing as a career.
“Like most women, I’m a nurturer by heart, so my passion for healthcare made sense,” she shared with Essence.
Conversely, Reece said she had a love for beauty as well—an interest that also stemmed from childhood.
“The funny thing is I was always running around with the boys outside as a little girl, but I still tapped into my femininity by putting on red lipstick even when I wore my play clothes.”
This interest in cosmetics only grew as she got older, and eventually led her to launch her cosmetology brand Allure Faces by Nikki.
For years she juggled her career as a clinical liaison and a popular makeup artist, but it wasn’t until 2019 did she decide to fully step into her passion for beauty. And it was a smart decision.
It’s reported the U.S. cosmetic industry brought in about 49 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 thus far. Although it’s a booming industry and Black women are leading the consumer group in droves, they are often lagging behind in the ownership stake.
“I was definitely concerned about the lack of representation in the cosmetics industry because honestly, the beauty world can be a bit catty and it’s really important to have a community that supports you.”
Despite the concerns, she forged ahead and started her line with just lipsticks initially, then gradually expanded to eye products that include a signature brow pencil, lashes, lash adhesive liner pen and eyeshadow pigments. This was a decision born out of her work as a nurse during the pandemic.
“Of course, while we’re working and wearing masks all day, that can lead to deep bruising on the face,” Reece explained. “That’s the last thing someone wants to experience after dealing with all of the trauma that working in healthcare during the pandemic can cause.”
Since her fellow colleagues’ mouths were covered, she launched the line of eye products to serve as a beauty pick-me-up, even while in full PPE gear. “I really care about doing my part to make people like their most beautiful selves. Anything I can do, with either of my careers, is enough for me.” is part of ESSENCE Communications, Inc.
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