MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – Brown Refrigeration has been working overtime during these triple digit temperatures to keep the Mid-South cool.
Recently, their calls rose 40% for repairs.
“We have been very, very busy with this heat we have,” said Bill Kellum, the service manager for the company. “It’s 97 degrees, but last week it was only 82. It’s really increased our business.”
Kellum said that’s a good problem to have, but with staffing and supply chain issues, they’ve had to restructure the way they do business. It’s what he referred to as a triage system, used in hospitals.
“Senior citizens and people with babies come first because they’re more vulnerable to heat,” Kellum said. “But we try to get to everybody as fast as we can.”
He said he can typically get to people in 2 to 3 days. However, some customers told him that would take too long and they would call ‘that guy’ to look at it instead. This is a big no-no Kellum said.
“If your home was on fire you’d want professionals to come look at it,” Kellum said. “You wouldn’t want ‘your guy’ to bring a garden hose to put it out. You want to protect your valuables.”
He also gave Action News 5 tips to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly, and ways you can stop a problem before it starts.
“Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance,” Kellum said. He added that this upkeep should be done in the cooler months before the scorching heat of summer catches you off guard.
He also said there are tips to keep your power bill down:
“The dirtier your air filter, the less efficient your unit will be,” Kellum said. “That will also make your utility bills go up.”
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