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Windows revealed in a blog post on Wednesday that the company would be ending support for Internet Explorer.
The days of dial-up internet service might be long gone, but Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, with its iconic blue “E” and golden halo, will always invoke memories of fighting to use the internet while someone else in the house was on the phone.
Per an announcement on the Windows blog Wednesday, the company has officially ended support for one of the OG internet browsers — Internet Explorer.
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will sunset after 27 years, with the browser’s latest iteration, Internet Explorer 11, redirecting users to a separate search engine.
In 2015, Microsoft announced that the Internet Explorer brand was on the way out, using the codename “Project Spartan” to talk about the up-and-coming new browser name that would be used on Windows 10 and beyond — in an effort to make Windows’ browsing experience fresh and more innovative.
Months later, the name of Project Spartan was revealed to be Microsoft Edge, which Internet Explorer users have already begun being redirected to upon Wednesday’s retirement of the browser.
Microsoft Edge is the company’s primary internet browser.
Edge is what is known as a “chromium-browser,” named after Google Chrome, which means that the browser can run extensions and tools through it at fast speeds that were initially intended for Google Chrome compatibility.
The company says this makes the browser quicker and more complex in its ability to provide users with a full and thorough browsing experience.
As Internet Explorer begins to phase out, users who click to open the browser will be redirected to Microsoft Edge while in “IE Mode,” which allows users to still access their original and older applications from Internet Explorer without permanently wiping the features all at once.
Microsoft maintains that as the redirection continues, IE users will have all of their data (passwords, bookmarks, etc.) transferred over to Edge.
The company explained that upon being redirected to Edge, users will have the option to click a “Reload in IE mode” button if they encounter a website or application that is outdated and doesn’t properly load or function on the Edge platform.
“Incremental improvements to Internet Explorer couldn’t match the general improvements to the web at large, so we started fresh. Microsoft Edge is a faster, more secure, and modern browser—the best browser for Windows—designed for today’s internet,” Microsoft explained. “But we haven’t forgotten that some parts of the web still rely on Internet Explorer’s specific behaviors and features, which is why Microsoft Edge comes with Internet Explorer mode (IE mode).”
Microsoft said that the process of redirection from Internet Explorer to Edge will continue for “a few months.”
The company then explained (though a concrete time period was not provided) that IE will “eventually” become permanently disabled via a future software update on Windows and all IE branded icons and visuals will be removed.
The redirection process will begin today June 15.
Naturally, in the name of nostalgia, many have been lamenting Internet Explorer shutting down and reaching its end of life, recalling memories of using the browser and poking fun at the Microsoft Internet Explorer’s notoriously slow service and antiquated legacy.
is Internet Explorer ever truly dead?
Today marks the official end of Microsoft’s support for Internet Explorer. RIP to the #1 Chrome installer of all time
Bye-bye, Internet Explorer

Though I’ve been a Mac enthusiast for a long time, that’s not to say I haven’t grown up using you to explore the Interwebs when I was a child.

You’ll be missed.
Farewell Internet Explorer #InternetExplorerShutDown
Internet Explorer is retiring on Wednesday after 27 years of service.
Today’s the day that Internet Explorer is going out of support. RIP Internet Explorer 1995-2022
Microsoft is shutting down its Internet Explorer Browser TODAY!

Arguably – now a relic of the past, #InternetExplorer was launched in 1995, and became one of the most popular tools for accessing the Internet. 11 versions have been developed for Windows from 1995 – 2013.

After nearly three decades – (27 years), Microsoft’s iconic browser #InternetExplorer got shut down today

This browser holds some nostalgic memories of every 90’s Kid
By old friend .. thnx for giving me my start and tons of turning off my computer
Rest in Peace, Internet Explorer, thanks for growing up with us.
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