As the popularity of crypto-based messengers continues to rise, two applications, in particular, are taking the market by storm: Secretum and TokLok. This article breaks down both, and finishes by answering which is better.
Secretum is a Solana blockchain-based decentralized application (dapp) that enables users to send private messages between wallets. Secretum encrypts messages by default and boasts an anonymous sign-up process. To get started, users only need to connect their Solana wallet of choice. All messages are sent directly through the Solana blockchain, so personal details aren’t needed.
To secure messaging, Secretum offers a bonus feature: an interface for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) crypto and NFT trading. While this doesn’t enhance the messaging experience, it’s still a nice add-on feature for users that prefer to trade directly with others.
Lastly, Secretum offers rewards in its native SER token for staking and creating new network nodes. This could mean a passive income opportunity for users with deep enough pockets.
While Secretum has its strengths, a new app has recently entered the market as a valid contender. TokLok, a Poland-based secure messenger, is beginning to generate buzz online due to its advanced security technology.
TokLok double-encrypts all message contents, including attachments, and gives users complete control over who they speak with via non-public messaging. Non-public messaging requires that users receive invites to private chat rooms before communicating, protecting users from snoopers and scammers.
Combined, TokLok’s features protect messages both while they’re being sent and after they’re delivered, making it impossible for attackers to snoop on private conversations. Compared to Secretum, TokLok offers superior privacy. However, Secretum has TokLok beat in one regard.
Secretum sends messages over Solana’s decentralized network. This makes it impossible for third-party network providers like cellular carriers and internet companies to store user data. While the contents of messages are encrypted and thus protected regardless, metadata like the times at which messages are sent or the locations from which they are sent may be accessible.
Acknowledging the benefits of decentralized networks, TokLok is developing a solution. Soon, TokLok will offer a large-scale decentralized Bluetooth network that enables users to send messages directly between devices. WiFi, GSM, and SIM cards won’t be needed. Furthermore, anyone with the TokLok app will be able to participate, in contrast to Serum which is limited to Solana users.
When it comes to passive income, it’s difficult to say that one app is better than the other. TokLok doesn’t offer staking rewards but offers other income-generating opportunities like interest earning and profit sharing for investors that hold a sufficient amount of the project’s native TOL token.
While both messengers are impressive, TokLok pulls ahead thanks to its impressive feature list and the future addition of its Bluetooth mesh network. However, Secretum is a competitive choice for users looking to communicate or trade exclusively with members of the Solana network.
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