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If you’re looking for some cute, fashionable tote bags to rock this summer, Delta Secondary School’s Entrepreneurship 12 students have just the fix for you.
Students from the class are selling their custom-designed tote bags to support charities of their choosing, and the last day to buy and pick one up will be Monday, June 27.
This year, some of the charities they’ve collaborated with include the South Delta Food Bank, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Ocean Wise Conservation Association and the Delta Community Animal Shelter.
“I think particularly for a topic like entrepreneurship, you can’t just learn that from a book. It has to be hands-on. I mean, if we could just have lemonade stands all year, that would be great, but there’s not better way to learn entrepreneurship than actually engaging in it,” says DSS Business Education teacher Jayson McNaughton.
Last year when they ran this project, McNaughton says they raised around $400 for the charities, but since starting the project at the beginning of June this year, they’ve already exceeded that amount.
If you’re interested in buying a good-cause-supporting tote bag, visit:
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