Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has hailed the African Development Bank’s work on youth entrepreneurship and looks forward to collaboration as Saint Lucia implements its own youth economy.
Pierre said he was elated to learn of the African Development Bank (ADB) youth entrepreneurship programme at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) 2022 William G. Demas lecture delivered by ADB President, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina.
The Saint Lucia Prime Minister wrote on Facebook that much like this country’s Youth Economy, these programmes would focus solely on funding and support to youth enterprises.
“I look forward to our collaboration on this area as we seek to create sustainable livelihoods for our young people,” Pierre, responsible for finance, stated.
He observed that there would be a first reading of the Youth Economy Bill in Parliament in July. The government has allocated ten million dollars to the initiative.
“The Youth Economy is the first step in transforming the Saint Lucia economy, driven by technology; innovation; and entrepreneurship, where young people regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds can become active participants in wealth creation and nation-building,” Pierre explained.
What’s new. This is the reason sir john Compton had open the sailt lucia development bank(sldb). The same bank that they closed 1n 1999 just for sir john to reopen it in 2006. So then again, what’s new.
Great incentive and time to focus on crops and agriculture for the youth and BTC and Borderlie ect…. This should be the number one focus for this gift of financial resources…Planting Foods, allocating responsibilities to preform positively in a growing environment, which entails responsibilities, early risings, hard work! Before more games and footballs! Yes? …. Turn punishments from the courts and RSLP into a full on workforce for NEW Govt agriculture fields and workable projects in Castries…. Than the youth can do more local grown food tours….tourists can gift.donating towards youth in agriculture, getting your hands dirty the right way👊🏽🇱🇨🇬🇳❤️Think about it!….. it’s up to you Government to provide for the future youth. Please focus on WASCO renovations, improvements and Water Storages””all that water we were just graced with from the heavens and no pipe water being sent from Wasco Smp
Sorry but at the rate of this crime situation there won’t be any youth left so your youth economy will be null and void. Sir, right now your priority should be about the surge in crime and the steps you will be taking to curb it. You obviously are not the best fit for “National Security Minister”. This is too serious an issue to be managed by an incompetent man with so much in his plate already that he can’t manage. We need a NATIONAL SECURITY UNIT and not a police force headed by the likes of Desir and Charlery. They couldn’t do the job under Chas and they are yellow hacks what makes you think they will even try under this government? Pierre where are the proven, tried tested straight laced ACPs under whose watch crime was curtailed. You can create unjustified positions to bring in all your old retired dinosaur friends like finistere etc but you can’t do so for an important and necessary situation such as this…..where is fragis, moncherry, francois….do something you failure

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