More bitcoin mining machines are coming to Aberdeen. 
The Aberdeen Board of Zoning Adjustment approved the addition of 80 bitcoin mining machines at a facility at 605 East Drive near the auto plaza.
Jackson Doeden got approval from the board in March to open the business. But board members had a few a few stipulations.
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Bitcoin mining machines can produce a loud, fan-like noise. Board members said that if they fielded any noise complaints, Doeden would be responsible for sound-proofing the facility and asked that he have a plan in place.
But noise hasn’t been an issue, said City Planner Eric Miller.
Originally, Doeden’s business was limited to 70 machines. But things have gone smoothly and the board approved 80 more for a total of 150.
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Miller said the approval includes the same stipulations, and Doeden will have to sound-proof the building if there are noise complaints
Doeden declined to comment for this story.


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