Blockchain development platform HashCash Consultants is launching a blockchain-based travel rewards portal with an unnamed travel company, offering users “resort-style check-in at affordable rates,” among other perks, according to a company press release Tuesday (June 21).
The initiative will also feature discounted prices and a Web3 experience for users, thanks to the pairing between HashCash and the travel company, the announcement said.
“The blockchain-powered system should build an ecosystem represented by tokens and NFTs allowing users to earn while they search, share, add reviews, make reservations and stay,” said HashCash founder and CEO Raj Chowdhury in the press release. “The blockchain-based system will empower the travel industry by introducing an infrastructure that resolves existing issues and offers a scalable solution.”
HashCash is also working on a decentralized HR structure that is able to support its growing needs as it expands its Dubai facilities and invests $10 million in Bengal Silicon Valley, Kolkata, India to develop Hashcash Park for its growing number of employees, the press release said.
This project “should add to the diverse range of industries that are reconstructed by HashCash by replacing legacy architecture with blockchain-driven solutions,” the company said.
Related: Blockchain Firm HashCash Joins Healthcare-Focused NFT Project
In April, HashCash joined a non-fungible token (NFT) creation project involving the healthcare industry and people’s health records.
The concept involves individuals volunteering to have their health data made into NFTs, allowing them to share those NFTs with healthcare services to participate in studies or research.
Chowdbury said that by turning the data patients share with healthcare companies, who often sell the records for research and don’t give the patient any of the profits, into NFTs, the information is attached to a feature that can be tracked. The sole owner of the information could also potentially enable a feature that pays them every time a transaction is done via the NFT.

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