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Content as a marketing tool has become so potent that it is now top of the list to drive business growth and revenue, but are businesses leveraging its potency to the fullest?
Businesses on all fronts, irrespective of the industry, are headed for a steady climb to adapt to new times and stay afloat. While different businesses have utilized many methods and techniques, content marketing has rapidly become a more powerful tool to achieve this objective.
According to Demand Metric, 90% of all organizations utilize content in their marketing, bringing in three times as many leads as they would with traditional marketing, and it costs 60% less. With marketing being a core part of every ‘s operations, utilizing content marketing becomes a strategic move. It is mostly organic, less expensive and serves more purposes in the long run. Using the right tools and will lead to the desired result when there is a chosen goal for your content marketing.
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Content as a context is broader than most business owners think it is. It goes beyond just putting down content and how it is distributed. Content as a strategy includes planning, content development, creation, deployment and of content to communicate and achieve desired business goals.
Maximizing content strategy as a marketing tool will enable your business to achieve three important components of brand success. They include:
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While many business owners know how important it is, they already have a lot on their plate to manage their business. It’s only a matter of time before they break down when the burden of content strategy is added to the mix. However, they may not realize how important a content strategist can be to their business.
Content has become the center of gravity in every business operation, to the point that 73% of organizations have a content strategist in place to oversee their content strategy. Content strategists play a key role in content marketing as they are responsible for developing and managing the overall content strategy of the business.
A content strategist helps you plan, create and manage your content effectively and efficiently. They can help you figure out what kind of content you need to create, target it to your audience and ensure that it meets your business goals.
Content strategists can be a powerful asset for business owners, and below are three reasons why entrepreneurs need one:
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Having content ideas alone is never enough when you do not have a strategist to wield them into a potent marketing weapon. But when there is a content strategist in place, your brand’s content aligns with your overall and your target audience’s needs. The organic nature of content marketing makes it a handy marketing tool for businesses that do not have the revenue to go big with their marketing, thereby helping them cut costs.
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