CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – The City of Charleston is offering free virtual classes for young adults to learn about personal finance.
Friday morning, their workshop will be about smart spending and realistic goals, and the next two will be about establishing credit and managing debt, and long-term financial goals. The first meeting happened last week, but that recording will be available online.
Schedule and topics:
The Bank on Charleston Financial Empowerment Initiative will be held virtually for three more weeks, and any high school and college-aged kids are encouraged to register.
The Director, Mindy Sturm, says that financial mistakes are common for all ages, and the more access to financial information, the better.
“Youth don’t often get this type of information. Schools are busy focusing on academics, as they need to be, and so financial literacy sometimes gets lost in the shuffle,” Sturm said.
Along with learning new skills, there are also incentives for participating. They will raffle off prizes among those who complete their tasks each week.
The link to the class is sent each week by Thursday. To register, email Mindy Sturm at, or call 843-860-2233. Classes are open to anyone, and it’s not too late to register.
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