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With the motive of helping people understand the complicated yet powerful FinTech tools by providing accessible and quality education, Dr.Clemen Chiang founded
In this ever-evolving world, new advancements, latest technologies, and innovations are constantly making a place for themselves. One main reason for all these advancements is digitalization, which has successfully spread its horizons in every realm. Education became ed-tech, and shopping became e-commerce. Like this, finance and technology also joined hands and became fintech, which is an integration of technology with financial services to improve their use and delivery to consumers. As a result, currencies are also making a place for themselves in the digital world.
Nowadays, cryptocurrency, NFTs, bitcoins, etc. are making noise all over town. However, all this is entirely new for many people as they are not well versed with this advancement, but to bridge that gap, there are many knowledgeable people who are equipped with the processes. One such person is Dr.Clemen Chiang, the founder of; he is also the founder of Bitcoin Institute, author of a few of the bestselling and top-rated finance books, and leading advisor on Mars Blockchain Group and ICObench.
With the motive of helping people understand the complicated yet powerful FinTech tools by providing accessible and quality education, Dr.Clemen Chiang founded His 20+ years of experience as a wealth coach of over 50,000 students have made him understand the importance of education. He realized that it is the lack of proper knowledge that is keeping individuals away from maximizing the opportunities in the market and building generational wealth. Therefore, to bring a solution to the table, Dr.Clemen Chiang assured that Spiking was incorporated with numerous learning aspects for all the budding investment enthusiasts. The AI platform also has investment coaching courses and best-selling finance books that help people comprehend everything from basic to advanced trading strategies. They also have insider legal data, which is even beneficial in the long term.
Spiking’s client-centric approach to investing and trading, which was made under Dr.Clemen’s expertise in artificial intelligence and finance, has been beneficial for people from all walks of life. The valuable courses they offer add a lot of value to the investor’s trading journey and help them unlock their full potential. Dr.Clemen Chiang always believed in easing difficult concepts and methods; hence, he broke down the complex courses into easy-to-understand ways. He also designed a free tool that uses AI and assists investors in grabbing market opportunities. This way, investors won’t have to waste time staring at useless charts and giving their opportunity the benefit of the doubt.
The knowledge and industry insights provided by Spiking and the team have offered new investors a path to build a strong portfolio and also learn the tricks and tips that industry giants like Temasek, Warren Buffet, and Cathie Wood use for investing their money. In addition, Spiking has a few other notable features like ‘The Daily Bread’ that offers real-time information about stock movements to help traders stay up to date with the latest value and make favorable decisions. ‘Resurrection’ is another feature that allows investors to minimize the loss by quickly recovering and gaining profits during market volatility.
Dr.Clemen Chiang has not only made a name by doing great work in the FinTech realm, but his philanthropic work has also helped him. He never fails to give back to non-profit charitable institutes like Kiva Lending Team, who offer financial aid to people around the globe and help them improve their lives and ultimately achieve their dreams. Moreover, he also supports the world’s underprivileged children through his organization called ‘Sponsor A Child’.
If you are an investment enthusiast and want life-changing lessons, you can quickly get in touch with Dr.Clemen Chiang by visiting Spiking and requesting an interview with them. You can also become a part of Spiking’s Investor Program and grab an opportunity to personally meet and do trading business with none other than Dr.Clemen Chiang himself, that too twice a month for a year. As a part of this membership, you will also get plenty of products for stock investing, crypto holding, etc. The best part about becoming a part of Spiking is that you do not need any prior experience or knowledge about investing; you can easily start from the beginning.
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