New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – June 25, 2022) – Recently, Cactus Option LTD, an investment company in Cyprus focusing on the stock index futures market, announced that it will promote inclusive finance on 7/6 and invest in educational public welfare activities around the world. This is the combination of the strongest lineup and top-tier model, Cactus Option will lead new forces in the industry.

Figure 1: Cactus Option Announced at the End of June That It Will Promote Inclusive Finance and Invest in Educational Public Welfare Activities Around the World on 7/6.

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Fintech is arguably one of the hottest sectors of late. With the development of information technology and digital technology, financial products have gradually become a tool accessible to the public.
Industry insiders pointed out that Cactus Option is jointly invested by several global corporations. The background of the team involved in the project spans stock index futures, infrastructure, energy, and financial markets. The company wants to spread financial literacy and inclusion so that the world can create wealth together. This has attracted great attention from the industry.
The CEO of Cactus Option shared the brand’s belief in helping the masses gain financial literacy so that investing is not just reserved for the privileged. She also shared about the industry-leading quantitative trading model Quantum EX (QEX), an ultra-advanced quantitative trading model that can respond to almost all types of market changes, generated by massive transaction data.
Combining the QEX model with a strong trading and risk control team has always been the key to the long-term profitability of the Cactus Options team in the stock index futures market. Now, the team wants to share the beauty of finance with the world. According to behavioral studies, it takes an average of 60 days to form a new habit. CACTUS specially designed an in-app learning game that combines entertainment and rewards to help users develop the habit of learning financial knowledge.
In addition, a global education foundation will be established to help children born into poverty obtain better education, giving them the opportunity to have a better future. The project will start off in Africa and will reach other parts of the world that lack educational resources.
Cactus Option hopes to create awareness on the benefits of inclusive finance and prove that finance is not a zero-sum game.
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Country: Cyprus
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