Bidaya: The First Annual Entrepreneurship Forum for Tunisia and Libyan youth will take place from 25 to 26 June in Benghazi.
The event aims to facilitate networking companies, improving trade and knowledge exchange for young entrepreneurs from both countries, and link relations with those involved in the field of entrepreneurship.
The organisers say the forum seeks to present and introduce the procedures and incentives set by the two countries with the aim of simplifying and improving economic and commercial exchanges and supporting innovative initiatives in most promising sectors.
Bidaya is a non-governmental Tunisian organization active in the field of supporting entrepreneurs. It aims to anchor the entrepreneurial culture among young people in different regions
Bidaya works for the training and support of young entrepreneurs and project ideas for job creation and the encouragement of private initiative. It contributes to the linking between entrepreneurs and Tunisian and international funds to realize their projects and supports project carriers to access funding.
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