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One young Richmond entrepreneur created his own business with the goal of purchasing his dream horse.
young entrepreneur Brandon razor of Richmond, I don’t want him to think that you know everything in life is just a handout, you know, you gotta work hard every day. He would wake up at the crack of dawn to take care of animals in his backyard. He also started a business of selling eggs and ice with the goal of buying a horse. He said if I wanted to get a horse, I have to get the money to get a horse. Well at $3 a dozen, we had a lot of people trying to get eggs. His setup still stands. I like to save my money and after months of maintaining his mission really, honestly, I was like from selling eggs, what’s the possibility of him buying a horse? Maybe in a few years his dream of purchasing a horse has come true knowing I did what I needed to do to get the horses just, it’s a great feeling knowing you did it. This is Brandon’s new best friend, extremely proud of him, he’s very determined. Whiskey is a Tennessee walking horse who’s found a forever home in Brandon’s big backyard. He raised about $1000 selling the eggs and he put in his own personal money from christmas and birthdays and things like that and he bought whiskey like with the chickens and the goats. He’s already accepted full responsibility. He is a professional pooper scooper and to give whiskey a warm welcome. His dad john upped the ante with another four legged friend, he went above and beyond, I went above and beyond. We can’t just have one horse. It’s gotta have a companion. The pair is planning to eventually build a barn. Would you say that your son knows the value of a dollar? I would most definitely say he does, probably better than I do. Brandon, who is aspiring to be a veterinarian, says all of his work thus far has been well worth the ride, knowing what I’m getting for it. It’s amazing. And what are you getting for it? Love from a horse?


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