Author, athlete and motivational speaker Thabang Motloung is in pursuit to do what has never been done before – to blend sports, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and education.
He recently met the CEO of BP Southern Africa, Taelo Mojapelo, and other dignitaries.
Thabang got to share his vision to spread education/financial literacy, through his book (Unlocking Your Earning Potential With Microsoft Excel) which uses business principles to teach the competent use of spreadsheets in a very decisive way.
Above and beyond that, he was given the honour to be part of the media team at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) at the World Classic Open Championships in Sun City from June 6 to 11, which was being broadcast on the official Olympics channel.
“Through the opportunity that was granted to me, I was able to meet the CEO/founder of SBD, Benjamin Banks, and IPF president Gastron Parage.
“Through the knowledge and experience which I have gained over the years, I would like to be part of growing the sports community and bridging the gap between athletes, big companies and education.
“Some of the people who I learn from on how to build a community are the likes of Michelle Phan in California, USA. She was able to reach over a billion views on YouTube for the cosmetics company that she sold, and today is valued at over $1 billion (R16b).
“Through the leverage of education, sports, business and entrepreneurship, we as a community can provide value-driven opportunities to reach a greater untapped community in sports, education and entrepreneurship. Not only am I a professional athlete, but I am also a new member of the USA-based National Strength and Conditioning Association,” he said.
Thabang also mentioned that there are a lot of people who just go to the gym, not knowing that they can turn that simple activity into a career.
“According to the United Nations, 60% of Africa’s population is under 30. There is a lot of untapped potential on this continent that needs to be unlocked and integrated with the rest of the world.
“I would like to thank the president of the SA Powerlifting Federation, Johan Smith, the IPF president and IPF media/broadcast manager, Eric Rupp, for allowing me to be part of growing the community.
“This is all done in honour of my late mother, Angelinah Motloung, who died from cancer in 2019. This has fueled my passion for health through sports,” he said.
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