LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Steven Spann drove around the area surrounding his event space called The Doyle near the US 95 and the Spaghetti Bowl in Downtown Las Vegas. He pointed out more than 10 areas where small fires had been started over the last several months.
“Whoever’s doing it is starting all these little ones all over the place,” Spann said.
Spann said the last several months he’s seen many more small fires pop up near his property, that he’s owned since 2006. He believes the fires are started by the same person. He also believes that it’s intentional, and not just a person starting a fire for food or warmth.
“It seems like the fires are getting more and more frequent, and they’re getting bigger,” Spann said.
Overnight Sunday three fires were reported in Downtown Las Vegas.
One was in the basement of a vacant hotel, another started outside a previously burned down home and a third Monday morning at Cabana Suits spread to a nearby vacant building.
“They’re all classified under investigation, which means we couldn’t identify exactly what started them,” Las Vegas Fire and Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski said.
Szymanski said the fire’s overnight aren’t believed to be connected but were possibly started by unhoused individuals.
“We can’t really determine if there were people in the building at the time the fire started, but there was evidence that there was probably people staying in it,” Szymanski said.
The small trash and brush fires near Spann’s business haven’t crossed onto his property, but after seeing several fires he worries about his event space.
The most concerning for him was last weeks large Downtown fire that burned several town homes and two businesses near Charleston and Fremont.
“It’s scary to think about what’s next,” Spann said.
Investigators still haven’t determined the cause of the large fire last week.
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