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As an award-winning magician, magic coach, bestselling author and entrepreneur, Oscar Owen has forged an exciting career from his lifelong passion
It’s often said that when someone finds a job that they love they’ll never work a day in their lives, and that’s something that Oscar Owen is delighted to say about himself. However, while most entrepreneurs embark on a career that is mundane, run of the mill, and ordinary, that isn’t something that can be said for this young creative.
As an award-winning magician, magic coach, bestselling author and entrepreneur, Owen has forged an exciting career from his lifelong passion and is now passing on his skills and knowledge to others who aspire to learn the magical arts with his unusual and inspirational business that is already proving to be an incredible success.
Who Is Oscar Owen?
As a talented expert in close-up magic, Owen has been described by The Mail Online as being one of the decade’s ‘most influential magicians’.
Over the past few years, his amazing career has taken him across the globe to astound celebrities and large audiences alike at the biggest festivals and high-end red-carpet events, but while he still loves nothing more than performing his mind-blowing tricks to open-mouthed audiences, Owen is now exploring a new passion—to bring magic into the 21st century and to teach the next generation of aspiring magicians his impressive skills—something that he is now bringing to fruition through his bestselling book and online teaching program.
Building a Social Media Audience Of 1 Million Followers
Although Owen has loved magic his whole life and has been performing tricks to audiences for more than a decade, he only began teaching his skills to others in 2016 when he started up his own YouTube channel. In the intervening years, he has amassed millions of viewers and countless subscribers from more than 180 different countries worldwide.
His YouTube tutorials, which are aimed at novice and intermediate magicians, have, to date, been watched over 100 million times. Keen to tap into the latest technology and reach more young people with an interest in learning magic, he launched his own account and began posting even more tutorials on the TikTok video platform that has proved to be such a hit with teenagers and young adults.
This channel has now grown to more than 200,000 followers and has achieved millions of views. However, his social media accounts are just part of his streamlined strategy to teach the magical arts to his followers. Owen released “Card Magic Pro“, his premium online magic course, in 2020, and it has rapidly become the biggest and most popular course of its type on the internet today, with more than 10,000 members.
Creating the Ultimate Card Magic Course
The concept behind “Card Magic Pro” is a simple yet appealing one; to provide a concise and clear course of magic tuition that eliminates all the fluff associated with free YouTube videos that can help aspiring magicians hone their skills and go from novice to pro within just five modules.
This premium course has been a true labor of love for the young magician, who has spent 14 months creating, filming, and editing the 100-plus videos that it contains to make sure that each and every one is crystal clear, perfectly structured, and in glorious 4K definition.
The perfect progression for anyone who is already a fan of Owen’s YouTube channel, this innovative teaching program includes many tricks that Owen believes are just too good to be given away for free.
The thousands of students who have already embarked on this exciting course benefit from a host of other advantages including access to future content at no extra charge, access to two free bonus flourish tutorials that really impress audiences, and card practice and performance blueprints to make it even easier to master and showcase their skills.
A #1 Best-Selling Author
Driven to reach an even wider audience, Owen put pen to paper and wrote Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks for Everyone, a book that has become an overnight bestseller since its release in November 2021. This innovative manual is designed to bring magic within easy reach of everyone, even complete novices, with absolutely no special equipment needed: just coins, cards, and everyday objects.
It can now be bought in more than a hundred different bookstores in 30 countries worldwide, including major names such as WHSmith, Waterstones, Walmart and Target. In line with his mission to bring magic up to date, each one of the 50 tricks outlined in the book come with its own QR code, taking readers straight to a video performance to show the effect in all its glory.
The Trick To His Success
Owen may be a master of sleight of hand, but there’s no hiding his joy in his work. He’s passionate about helping to transform others into skilled magicians who can not only impress others around them with their outstanding talent but also become more interesting and confident during the process. However, the road to success hasn’t always been an easy one, and Owen is keen to point out that everything he has achieved so far has been accomplished while he was still studying for his degree.
Owen is eager to be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs who are trying to establish a business and gain business credit during their student years. Having graduated from the University of Durham with First Class Honours at the same time as penning his best-selling book and setting up—a business that now brings in a passive revenue of six figures a year—sets an excellent example for others who wish to walk in his footsteps.
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