ISLAMABAD: Traders of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Saturday demanded removal of Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, calling him anti-business and corrupt trying to eradicate small businesses.
Addressing a news conference at the National Press Club, President of All Pakistan Traders Association Ajmal Baloch said the government had promised to allow traders to keep their shops opened till midnight during Eid but no notification had been issued as yet.
Mr Baloch said that Miftah Ismail is constantly making fun of the poor people, and instead of containing their own luxuries the new government had burdened citizens with inflation.
“The new setup has imposed a fixed tax on the traders which they were already paying,” he said adding, “Why these people do not impose new taxes on the elite?
Restaurant association president warns of blocking roads if police not stopped from harassing businesses
He suggested that the cabinet members have to reduce their protocols, observe austerity and give relief to the ordinary citizens as well as bring conducive policies for the small businesses including the traders.
“But I repeat do not force us to come out on the roads in protest,” he said, adding that the political parties who were in the government now had made false claims that they would take care of the economy but the present government has failed to do anything positive in this regard.
He also slammed the government for massive electricity load shedding and high fuel cost.
Meanwhile in another development Farooq Chaudhry, president All Rawalpindi Restaurant Association warned that if the Punjab government does not stop police from harassing the traders and restaurants they will block roads in protest.
Mr Chaudhry was talking to media persons in Rawalpindi, he referred to a meeting with Punjab Home Minister Ata Tarar and Rana Mashhood, and said that take away and home delivery was allowed even late at night, and the notification has been issued but police was registering FIR against traders.
Meanwhile, a statement has been issued by the deputy commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon that there was no restriction for business hours on Saturday nights.
“All shops can remain open uninterrupted and there is no implementation of business hours from the ICT administration on Saturdays,” Mr Memon added.
However the statement added that there was no relaxation for the wedding halls and the ceremonies have to be completed within the stipulated time.
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