RIPLEY, W.Va. — Jackson County is the latest county considering to participate in a State Auditor’s Office program tracking county finances.
State Auditor J.B. McCuskey was recently in Jackson County, in front of the commission, clerk and sheriff to discuss his Project Mountaineer program. The agency offers the program to city and county governments; the online tool allows the public to track spending. McCuskey told MetroNews that 46 of the state’s 55 counties have installed the program.
“I think they understand that this technology is going to give all of them a window into the county finances that they never had before and make them more effective public servants,” McCuskey said when explaining the county’s openness to use the tools.
McCuskey it’s been a success since its launch in 2019 and cities are beginning to call his office to ask for a site built. McCuskey said around 30 websites are built through Project Mountaineers and another 50 to 60 municipalities are waiting on a build.
The state auditor added that elected officials want to be open with financials because it gives the ability to tell a story and rebuild trust.
“It gives them a way to communicate with their constituents that shows how the citizens’ tax dollars are being spent and how public officials are making true on their campaign promises,” McCuskey said.

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