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Photo Credit: Mike Montoya. Bulgari, Louis Vuitton
Zoey’s remarkable talent has already captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The Italian-Uruguayan actress, who you have spotted in several films and TV series, is on the rise to becoming one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, and her career has only begun. Zoey Albert, better known as Zoey, continues to establish a career and legacy in the entertainment industry, with many upcoming projects in tow. In addition, the star has made great strides to go beyond acting by taking on the role of an entrepreneur while simultaneously building a community by live streaming on social media platforms to genuinely connect with fans, not only within the US and Latin community but across the globe.
Widely acknowledged for her on-screen flair, the brunette was originally known for her beauty and elegance during her modeling days. With her stunning features and gracefulness, the model posed for big luxury brands and slowly made her way to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Fast forward to today, she is already one of the must-watch stars in the industry.
Photo Credit: Mike Montoya. Bulgari
Although she is still currently active in her modeling career, the visionary realized that her true passion lies in acting. For this reason, she mustered up the courage to dip her toes into the world of acting and eventually succeeded in making her mark therein. From Hollywood films and TV series to Telemundo telenovelas, Zoey has proved to be unstoppable at her game.
Asked what pushed her to pursue a career in acting, the actress shared that there’s more than one reason why she chose the path. “I don’t know if I can pinpoint just one thing that prompted me to become an actress, but the first memory I have related to my love for acting was being probably seven or eight years old and creating a story, based on a TV series I used to watch at the time, memorizing it, creating like a play, and when the whole family was over at my house, I would hand out the ‘tickets’ that I had made myself, inviting them to watch me play. It was pretty funny,” Zoey shared.
When asked about her acting projects for this year, the brunette beauty shared that she’s been filming an upcoming project to be aired next year, which originally began production in 2019 but was put on hold because of the global pandemic. The actress was also recently filming for La Mujer de mi Vida, an upcoming NBC Telemundo series in which she had participated, expected to be released in 2023.
Besides dazzling fans on-screen with her acting, she also likes to keep things intimate with her fans. By live streaming, she shares updates of her life through social media platforms, where incredibly hundreds of thousands of fans gather to be part of her stream. The actress knows she is building connections with people from all walks of life – those who support her and what she does best. “That’s like the magical part about all this!
Having people that love you and support what you do without even knowing you in person is priceless. Reading messages from them definitely motivates me to do better. And I feel [like] they are just like my global family,” Zoey said. “I always do Q&As on Instagram, go live both on IG and TikTok. It’s my way of connecting with my fans, giving them tiny updates on my life, or just sharing my emotions with them. They also share with me, so it’s a give and take”.
Photo Credit: Mike Montoya. Bulgari, Chanel
Aside from dominating the entertainment and modeling scenes, Zoey is also acclaimed for her philanthropic efforts. In fact, she recently established a foundation that would cater to stray dogs and help them find the love and care that they deserve.
“Earlier this year, I created my own charity organization. It is still in its beginning stages, so I’m excited and expecting for it to grow significantly in the next year or so”, the star shared. “The foundation will be called Luna’s Hands, and we are planning on also supporting other charities by crowdfunding for different causes.”
Actress, philanthropist, entrepreneur, social media influencer – one might ask what’s next for Zoey, and she disclosed that she is also gearing up for another upcoming series she wasn’t able to share any details about just yet, but it will surely underscore her acting abilities. On top of that, she’s also excited about the relaunch of her highly anticipated swimwear and sundress collection “AL” which holds “Connect with your Inner Child” as its tagline and main message. “We have been receiving a lot of messages after sharing some sneak peeks, asking when it will finally be available for pre-order, I am super excited about it!”, “It will be something that hasn’t been seen before, and I can’t wait for it”, the star said. With everything she has been doing so far, it won’t be a surprise to find her taking the reins in other endeavors as well.
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