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Jul 16, 2022
Fasten Up Your Seat Belts! Global Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Community Is Kicking Up in India, Are You Excited?
Introducing India Blockchain Week(IBW) 2022, brought to you by the organizers of Malaysia Blockchain Week, World Blockchain Conclave, Thailand Blockchain Week, Blockchain focussed events in Asia, South Korea, and other parts of the world.
IBW ’22 will kick off with the NFT and Metaverse day. Various interesting challenges are being set up by the organizers and media partners. Focussing on innovative use of  Blockchain technology to solve a real-life pain point. 
Panel discussions will be held every day on various selected topics which will be followed by a chance given to the participants to ask questions and resolve their doubts directly from Blockchain leaders through the fireside chats.
IBW 2022 is going to provide a platform to network with various global industry experts. In-depth & knowledge-boosting virtual sessions will be organized. Giving a taste of Blockchain & cryptocurrencies, get a chance to talk with experts on various technical standpoints.
Organized by Block On Capital which is a Singapore Based Blockchain focussed VC firm. It is present in Gift City India along with Thailand, Dubai, and Malaysia and is helping to promote a better ecosystem for Crypto and Blockchain companies by leveraging its network, infrastructure, visibility, and, of course, the fuel of funds.
The event is sponsored by Coinque Consulting. You can get a chance to get in touch with our global speakers like
India Blockchain Week 2022 is going to be a fun and informative week to learn from the experts & best minds around the globe in the crypto space. This 7-day event is definitely going to blow your minds!
If you also want to know and are keen to learn about Blockchain, Defi, Crypto, and NFTs, then IBW 2022 is for you only! Pick up your phones and register today!
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