Brian Breslin, director of The Launch Pad at the University of Miami, began his entrepreneurial career at 15. Over two decades later, he has helped shape the tech ecosystem in South Florida. 
In 2006 he founded non-profit Refresh Miami, the largest networking and educational organization in Florida focused on technology and entrepreneurship, and he continues to be involved as chairman. 
He has been a pioneer in the tech industry in Miami by founding a variety of startups over the years. These include StartPR Inc., a social media monitoring and engagement SaaS tool; Twitbin, one of the first Twitter third-party clients on the market; PressBackup, one of the first SaaS products in the WordPress ecosystem; SimCase, an education technology startup that partners with top-tier business schools to bring world-class content to students globally.
Also, Infinimedia Inc., a logistics software company managing cargo and warehousing functions for Fortune 100s; and most recently Miami Tech Pod, a tech and startup podcast focused on Miami. 
Mr. Breslin considers himself “an optimistic about the potential of Miami” and strives to help other entrepreneurs. He joined The Launch Pad and teaches, mentors and supports students, alumni, and staff to begin and grow their entrepreneurships. 
After leading the organization for four and a half years, he is focusing on getting “more people to go from idea stage to actually starting businesses that generate revenue,” and helping people “build foundationally sound businesses that can help them sustain themselves and also sustain their staff and grow.” Mr. Breslin is also assisting entrepreneurs who are launching their second and third startups and are dealing with more complex issues. 
“We want the undergraduates that we work with to get a feel for it, but not worry about this business that they’re starting today being the business forever but teaching them when to quit that business to start the next business and how to validate these ideas faster,” he said. 
As a natural entrepreneur, Mr. Breslin is looking at new ideas that could become his new startup. 
Mr. Breslin spoke with Miami Today reporter Gabriela Henriquez Stoikow. 
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