Thursday, 28 Jul 2022
A vendor selling various food items at Bazaar Serumpun.
UNIVERSITI Putra Malaysia (UPM) students are quick to grab opportunities to hone their entrepreneurial skills on campus.
Many worked at two events on campus – Fiesta KPZ and Bazaar Serumpun – to earn money and learn marketing techniques.
The Fiesta KPZ at Kolej Pendeta Za’ba was organised under the Young Entrepreneurship Carnival.
Carnival director Nur Aina Amirah Azmi said it allowed students to try their hand at entrepreneurship.
A UPM student got the opportunity to sell her home-cooked meals at the Roti John Daging Meleleh (RJDM) shop.
“We did a joint venture with this student since her handmade Japanese meals like mentai and chicken teriyaki were quite popular.
“All the meal packets prepared by her were sold out quickly.
“By providing business opportunities like this, we will be able to empower students who have the potential to become successful entrepreneurs,” said RJDM salesman Mohamad Faisal Syahmiel Mohd Fariz.
UPM business administration student Wan Fadhlina Adni, 20, worked at a perfume booth in the market at night.
“I wanted to work here part-time since I intend to start a business selling perfume and other groceries on campus.
“Because the majority of my target clients are UPM students, engaging with them at this booth has helped me learn about their scent preferences,” she said.
There were also students who worked at Bazaar Serumpun near UPM’s Kolej 12 and 14 to earn money and gain business experience.
UPM English language and linguistics student Nurul Farishah, 23, said,“It was much more convenient and safer for me to work here instead of going outside the campus as it was near my hostel.
“By doing this part-time job, my marketing and communication skills have improved.”
Nurul said that during her spare time, she also sells scrunchies online.
UPM horticulture science student Muhammad Irfan, 26, worked at a food booth for six to seven hours and was paid RM5 per hour.
“I made mango and watermelon juice and learned about customer preference,” he added.
Muhammad Irfan said he wanted to start a business selling jam and drinks made from fresh fruits.
“I feel that the knowledge gained from working at this bazaar will help me run my business in the future.
“I also plan to hire unemployed graduates once my business grows,” he said.
UPM student Nur Qurratul Aini Mohd Ramlan, 23, who had also worked in the same stall said: “Working here has taught me how to keep track of profit and loss in a business.
“In future, I would like to work with Muhammad Irfan since we both plan to become entrepreneurs,” said Nur Qurratul Aini.
Fiesta KPZ at Kolej Pendeta Za’ba ,

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