PEORIA – Coffee is the next frontier for entrepreneur Kourtney Greene. 
As the co-owner of Beauty & Beast Event Co., Greene serves a lot of coffee – so she decided to create her own brand. 
“I host coffee candle pours once a month, so I thought, ‘Why not have my own coffee?’” said Greene. “That’s just offering another product for my customers.” 
Greene sells candles, scented waxes and homemade, all-natural skincare products. She also hosts elegant events as part of Beauty & Beast Event Co. One of those events is the Coffee and Brunch Candle Pour, where her customers get to create their own candles while enjoying food and conversation with other attendees. 
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Coffee seemed like the next logical step, and when Greene learned that CxT Roasting Co. in Keller Station partners with people who want to create their own brand of coffee, she jumped at the opportunity. 
“We try to come up with a blend that’s unique to them,” said Kelly Popadziak, who owns CxT Roasting with her sons. “Although we roast for several companies around Peoria, they all have their own blends, so what you taste for Kourtney’s blend is not what you are going to get from someone else.” 
Greene had a clear idea of the qualities she wanted in her signature coffee blend. 
“What I look for in a coffee is the taste of it. Everybody in my family, weirdly, don’t like putting sugar in their coffee, so I grew up drinking coffee that way. And I’m lactose intolerant. So when it comes to the coffee, it has to have a flavor without sugar or anything in it,” Greene said. “It’s important that it has good flavor, but doesn’t leave a strong coffee aftertaste.” 
The experts at CxT Roasting were able to fulfill Greene’s requirements. They blended beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Indonesia. 
“The flavor profile is sweet and dark chocolate-y, and the key note of the Ethiopia bean is black currant, so it has a savory type of flavor and a small fruity taste,” said Greene. “And I don’t know if you know about acidity, but my coffee has low acidity.” 
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Greene will also be marketing three other coffees: a breakfast blend, a decaf and a single-origin coffee made with beans from Ethiopia. She chose the name London Bridge Co. Coffee, inspired by the photos her best friend showed her from his time in Europe. 
Green will be hosting a launch party at CxT Roasting from 5 to 7 p.m. Sept 15 with live music and food. Coffee will be available to buy at the event. Starting Sept. 15, she also plans to sell her coffee online at and through her shop in the Warehouse District, 621 SW Commercial St., Suite 1B. 
Greene won’t be stopping with just the drink, however. Coffee is guaranteed to make it into her other products as well. 
“I’ll have a coffee butter in my skincare line, and I’ll also have a coffee scrub,” she said. “And I’m also working on a candle. It smells like coffee and warm brownies.” 
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