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How to maximize your social media platforms and sell with ease.
When it comes to sharing your message and offers, there is an abundance of platforms to help you do just that. Each platform offers creative ways to make , and what’s more is that these options also allow for a lot of automation, enabling you to sell offers on repeat, and without showing up daily.
First things first: It’s important to choose which platform feels best and most aligned to use. Good indicators when making this decision are where you feel at ease and which platforms you naturally gravitate towards. New platforms will pop up, and by all means, it’s great to try them out. However, as a general rule, it’s effective to stick with the key platforms that resonate most and direct energy there.
You do not need to “crush” all social media platforms in order to be a success. Ultimately, you should be selling, engaging, creating and building your empire where you feel is best and soul-aligned for you, your and your audience.
Whether it’s building an email list, posting to , , , releasing podcasts or books, whatever it may be — own it! Make a decision to claim your platform as the space where sales will be made on repeat and with ease. Once you have the platform locked in, it’s to engage with your audience and sell. Here’s how:
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It’s important to create content that you believe in and feel passionate about. This way, it all flows and feels easy — and your best energy and magnetism comes through! Once created, the content can then be repurposed for other platforms. This is key! Being able to repurpose your content will save time and allow you to grow your business through continual engagement on your platforms with minimal effort, as you have already done the initial creation. An example of this could be writing a blog and jumping on a live stream. This content is then repurposed in multiple ways by taking out short clips, making quotes or highlighting statements and key phrases to get your message out in a new way.
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There are multiple ways you can create ongoing sales. There are membership programs (ongoing program with a community), evergreen programs (a program that is open all the time with an ongoing community) and home-study programs (go-at-your own-pace program with no active community). These can all be sold on each and every platform through paid or organic advertising, both of which can be automated. Once these systems are set up and you have created the original program or content, it will continue to sell itself.
Another way to attract clients to come into your space and join your email list is by creating free gifts! This is about creating epic content of high value and service for your ideal clients. It’s key to not hold back and give away quality products as free gifts!
After someone opts in for the free gift, they then get an offer to purchase a program or product — oftentimes at a lost cost price (though there is no rule that it has to be low-cost). The initial offer might be priced as low as $7-100 and worth infinitely more than the buy price. If they choose to purchase this offer, they are then offered the next product that is a high-investment price. You can do this as many times as you like. This is how you create a mostly automated income.
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Most people carry around money beliefs that do not serve them, and then from these beliefs, they are continuing to create the same reality and results. It’s important to look at what beliefs you currently have that perhaps are blocking you from creating ongoing cash flow. Once you take time to identify and acknowledge these beliefs, you can ask yourself: What beliefs do I need or want to have in place instead? Below is an exercise highlighting this process:
Articulate to yourself 5-10 foundational beliefs of how selling is going for you now in terms of automated income flow, new customers coming into your space and anything else that comes up for you here. Here are some beliefs as examples to get you in the flow:
“I receive new customers and sales every single day.”
“New people coming into my space love to pay me from the get-go.”
“I give myself permission to receive even when I am not actively showing up.”
“It’s easy for me to sell and make money daily from the things that I have put in place.”
“People continually find my previous work and are always buying.”
“I make money while I sleep.”
“I can make one or two simple moves to connect with people, which results in sales coming in.”
“I know exactly what to put in my funnels.”
“I know exactly what my ideal clients want to buy.”
What other beliefs need to be put in place in order to be the person who receives ongoing money and sells on repeat? Remember: All beliefs are a choice. You get to choose what to believe and then code it in! You also deserve to receive money on repeat, even when you sleep.
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