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When it comes to making money on YouTube, people think you need to get millions of views a month. Though that is partially true, here’s another way to do it.
With inflation rising, everyone is looking for different ways to earn extra money. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to make some extra money on the side is through social media. In this article, I am going to go over the different ways you can make money on .
When you think of making money on YouTube, the first thing that comes to mind is monetizing your channel through ads. While it is possible to earn money through YouTube Adsense, there are other ways to make money on the platform with less than 1,000 subscribers:
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Are you knowledgeable in yoga, the piano or something unique that you are passionate about? You should consider creating a course!
Courses are a fantastic way to share and sell your knowledge online. Sure, there may be an upfront investment as far as producing the content for the course, but after it is complete, you often don’t have to worry about updating it for months or even years.
After looking over dozens of small YouTube channels that offer courses, I noticed most of them were priced between $20 – $497. As far as places to host your course, you can check out creator-friendly platforms such as:
Courses are often low-ticket, so you might need dozens or hundreds of to earn a good income on the side.
Courses are very time-consuming to put together.
Once your course is complete, all you have to do is sell it.
It allows you to make money without having to worry about customer support.
It gives you the freedom to charge between $20 all the way up to $497 and more.
With the rise of online coaches and consulting programs, creating a high-ticket coaching program is a great way to monetize your channel with less than 1,000 subscribers. Most high-ticket programs often offer a course combined with one-on-one or group coaching.
Some of the most popular niches are:
Making money
Mental health
You can create a high-ticket offer for almost any niche. The key is to make sure you overdeliver on value. After reviewing several YouTube channels with high-ticket offers, I noticed that they tend to go for $1,000 on the low end, all the way up to $12,500.
Since people are spending lots of money to join your program, you’ll need to have excellent customer support.
For high-ticket programs, most sales are done over a video call, so you’ll need to sharpen your sales and objection-handling skills.
Depending on your niche and offer, one to three sales a month could easily cover all of your expenses.
In most cases, high-ticket is extremely profitable.
You get to work with fewer clients for more money.
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Want to build something small, meaningful, and cost-friendly for your viewers? Create a service and sell it for a subscription. Some of the most common subscriptions people offer are:
Selling software
Paid communities
Access to exclusive content
There are no rules as to what you can put a subscription on. As long as you can provide value, people will happily purchase from you!
You have to deal with people churning out each month.
You have to maintain the service to keep people satisfied.
It allows you to build an audience you can easily upsell/crosswalk other products to.
It allows you to build a predictable flow of income each month.
When it comes to making money on YouTube, people think you need to get millions of views a month. Though that is partially true, it is also possible to make money on the platform by strategically funneling your traffic off the platform to your own unique upsells. And the best part is that it can be done with less than 1,000 subscribers. What’s holding you back from making money on YouTube?
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