NEW LONDON, Mo. (WGEM) – Kayakers, canoers and tubers floated on the Salt River in New London, Mo. for the 3rd annual Run on the River on Saturday.
Organizers said each year this event raises money for a charity. This year was dedicated to the Cole McDonald Impact Project.
McDonald passed away in 2020. He ran multiple businesses and was known for his entrepreneurial spirit.
Family members said McDonald encouraged the people around him to be their best.
“He was always doing something, he always had an idea. And most people don’t have someone to ask advice to,” Cole McDonald’s sister Lydia McDonald said.
Organizer Sharon Lake said this year’s proceeds are going towards the Cole McDonald Impact Project’s “What do you do with an idea?” grant.
“This is going to be about people who have an idea for a business, an idea for a patent, something to start, something to do, to help give them a little boost to get there,” Lake said.
Lake said business owners can apply.
Applications are available at the Meadow Campground and Coffee House where Saturday’s event took place. You can also visit McDonald’s website or call 573-248-4398 to apply or nominate someone.
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