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Entrepreneurs need to be able to visualize the bigger picture and the goal.

After interviewing and studying a great number of business owners, I’ve learned that some people are born business leaders – they seem to have an innate drive and focus – like my brother, Charlie, who started a shoeshine business when he was 10.
Entrepreneurs need to be able to visualize the bigger picture and the goal.
Some, probably most, evolve into the role or arrive at a place in life where the timing is right to flex their entrepreneurial muscles. If you are wondering if you are an entrepreneur, here is my list of Top Ten Entrepreneurial Characteristics. Entrepreneurs are:
Comfortable with Risk, Comfortable with Discomfort Entrepreneurs have to be able to be OK with not knowing what the future may bring and especially OK with knowing the beginning of the journey likely will be uncomfortable, often demanding long days and not much financial reward. They understand money may have to go out and may not come in for a while. They are playing the long game.
Confident Entrepreneurs are not necessarily cocky, but they are confident in their knowledge, experience, ability and problem-solving skills. They are the ones who can stay calm in a storm; in fact, they likely look at every challenge like a puzzle yet to be solved.
Optimistic Even though they are aware of risks and challenges, entrepreneurs believe everything will work out the way it should, even if there are surprises along the way. They believe challenges can be flipped to become benefits, so that even the darkest and most apocalyptic cloud will have a silver lining.
Hang Out with Inspirational Thinkers Entrepreneurs love to be filled up by those who are excited about the possibilities and engaged in life. They cheer on others who are striving to be better, accomplishing more, changing lives and leading by example. They notice and are grateful for those who encourage them and make it a point to encourage others.
Resourceful Entrepreneurs are constantly thinking, but don’t get discouraged, about what will happen if: if the materials don’t arrive, if key individuals don’t get on board, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, if the loan doesn’t go through. They are nimble in this regard and can formulate a plan B, C or D in a hurry. In fact, they probably already have.
Prepared to Invest in Themselves Entrepreneurs do what it takes. They may take out a loan, find an investor, sell something, sleep less, earn a degree, hire a coach, move to another city, change their diet, quit bad habits or make space in their lives for something new. Whatever it is, they are committed to shaping themselves into the best version of themselves for their desired outcome.
Thorough I’m not talking about getting lost in every detail. That would be too overwhelming and cause entrepreneurs to lose interest. But they do think things through. In his “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” leadership expert Stephen Covey’s second habit is, “Begin with the end in mind.” Entrepreneurs need to be able to visualize the bigger picture and the goal. This helps them create the path to get where they want to go and recognize success when they arrive.
Decisive Entrepreneurs make decisions swiftly. They quickly process the opportunities and risks and take action. They don’t live in that wasteland of regret and self-doubt. They move forward. And if more information arrives that suggests there is a better direction, they make another decision.
Passionate About What They Do If at a dinner party, you find someone who can talk enthusiastically and endlessly about the wonders of PVC pipe or the advantages of semiconductor material or how to make the perfect meringue, odds are pretty good you are talking to an entrepreneur.
Motivational If you are now inspired to repair your own plumbing, buy the latest smartphone or start cracking some eggs, you know how motivational entrepreneurs can be.
By the way, Charlie’s shoeshine business (see #1) led to a job at a country club, which led to interaction with successful business leaders who inspired him (see #4) by living a life of golf, nice shoes and expensive meals. He became a chef (see #6) so he could create those good meals and run his own catering business (see #7). Thus, he cracked a great many eggs (see #10) on his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. FBN
By Bonnie Stevens, FBN
Bonnie Stevens is a public relations consultant. She can be reached at bonnie.stevens@gmail.com.
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