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“The e-motorcycles that we envision for the future will be energy efficient, exciting to ride, and also be able to provide a seamless ownership experience,” said Ultraviolette Automotive CEO
When Narayan Subramaniam, co-founder and CEO of Ultraviolette Automotive, launched his startup in 2016, the vision was to create top-of-the-line mobility solutions that are driven by progressive design and energy-efficient technology.
The Bengaluru-based autotech was set up with the idea of disrupting the Indian electric vehicle (EV) space with a domestically-manufactured product, creating an identity for EVs that resonates with a global audience. To this end, Ultraviolette plans to launch the F77, considered to be India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle, later this year and is looking at a phase-wise approach with respect to availability and presence. The bike, which will reportedly sport an acceleration of 0-60 km/hour in just 2.9 seconds, will be available in Bangalore as part of Phase 1 and in the country’s top 10 cities under Phase 2.
“The motorcycles that we envision for the future will be energy efficient, exciting to ride, and also be able to provide a seamless ownership experience,” said Subramaniam. Ultraviolette has recently raised a fresh round of Series D funding from a fund managed by EXOR Capital. As per reports, the company aims to use this investment for expanding its presence across the country, boosting sales of its F77 motorcycle and undertaking subsequent expansion in international markets, including trials, certifications and sales.
Although until recently, EVs were not a serious option for shoppers while purchasing vehicles for their daily commute, the situation has changed dramatically, with two-wheeler EV adoption occurring on a much faster rate than the four-wheeler one, according to Subramaniam. Consumers today have a progressive mindset towards smarter and more sustainable lifestyles, he added.
Subramaniam further believes that entrepreneurial success in the EV world comes to those who possess domain expertise. Moreover, it is essential to partner with like-minded people, hire the right talent from both the core and adjacent technological fields, and develop a culture of cross-functional innovation, he added.
His fascination with EVs, bikes in particular, is nothing short of spiritual in nature. “For me, the motorcycle is much more than just a tool or mode of transportation; it represents freedom, a means to escape, a statement symbol, and a style icon. In other words, it’s integral to one’s lifestyle,” said Subramaniam.
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