Name: Chandler Wallace
Family: Gavin Wallace – husband, Huck and Finn –fur babies
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Age: 34
Company: Simon Property Group
Position: Director of Marketing and Business Development for The Shops at Clearfork
How do you choose to give back to the community? I have been a member of the Junior League of Fort Worth for 11 years, and have loved my time in the organization, giving back through multiple volunteer opportunities. I have volunteered with Mayfest, the Cliburn, Grand Entry Gala, etc. My husband and I are members of Jewel Charity, and I am part of the Women’s Council of Baylor, Scott and White Hospital here in Fort Worth.  
What advice would you give to yourself at age 15? Never be afraid to try something new even if you are on your own. Pave your own path – it will lead you to where you need to go. 
Where did your first paycheck come from? Interning at Range Resources in high school.
What other profession would you like to try? This is a toss-up! I would love to be a Police Officer  – My coworkers know I am dying to do a ride-along with our FWPD! I also have an unhealthy obsession with reality TV so being a producer on a show like the Bachelor or any Real Housewives franchise or Bravo TV show would be amazing.
Tell us about an influential person in your life. How did they influence you and why are they important?  There would have to be three that really stand out. My mother has always been the most selfless person I know, and has been involved in any and all community organizations since I can remember. She chaired countless charity events and showed me what it is to have a servant’s heart. My father has been an incredible example of how to be an instrumental leader. He is truly beloved by his team – the people that work for him stay with him for years. I try every day to be a leader like him. Another influential person in my life would be my mentor, Leah King. I have had the pleasure of working under her at three different companies, and have developed a beautiful friendship with her and her husband, Barry. I have seen what it means to be a strong businesswoman and community leader in Fort Worth, and to know her is to love her. 
What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a surgeon. We joke about how my mom had me watching open heart surgery on PBS when I was one and a half! I absolutely loved doing all of the dissections in science class. 
What movie, TV show, book, stage play or video game influenced you growing up? I was (and still am) an avid reader. Growing up, I read Anne of Green Gables over and over, but truthfully I think that reading any and all books I could get my hands on allowed me to really use my imagination and create and immerse myself in those worlds.      
Tell us one thing about yourself that most people would be surprised to find out? I absolutely hate ketchup. 
What is your ideal vacation? Spending a few weeks in an apartment in Paris, submersing myself in the culture and eating, walking and shopping my way through the city. Equally as ideal is a beach, some sun, and no agenda!
Favorite food or restaurant? Pesto pasta or sushi
Favorite drink? Diet Coke, or a crisp Sancerre
Favorite movie: Under the Tuscan Sun, Something’s Gotta Give, Bridesmaids, Stepbrothers
Favorite sports team: Penn State Nittany Lions. WE ARE!
Favorite song: Anything by Celine Dion
Tell us about your prop? I bleed blue and white for my Penn State Nittany Lions – I followed in my father’s footsteps there and it is something that I cherish.  Traveling has been a passion of mine forever, and Paris is absolutely one of my favorite places to go. Lastly, reading is my favorite pastime so I always have a bookshelf or Kindle full of options to pull from!
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