If one sees all successful people, the common factor between them is that they all face challenges, beat the odds and emerge victorious. It is unfair to say that they are not frightened.
They just have better ways to navigate their fear and challenges. One such person is entrepreneur and life coach Abhishek Raj Jain. He is one of the youngest people to have unlocked success on his own terms. It is very unlikely for someone coming from a simple family. He has always been very near and connected towards his people, being family as well as his daily neighbourhood encounters. People trust him enough to come up and ask for big and small solutions for the problems.
Growing up, Abhishek was always appreciated for his people skills and crowd-moving abilities. However, he had to find his way through several dark patches of life.
Since Abhishek’s family was into business, Abhishek has first-hand experience of being in the limelight. This helped him understand the perils of being a social figure. He is often compared to his grandfather. His grandfather has been the president of their jain community back in the day.
Abhishek came across several business challenges that his father and grandfather struggled with and also saw them navigating through those issues. This helped him get sorted with his approach and gain meaningful insights about handling practical life. It is during this phase that Abhishek learned about thought, planning, and control.
There was also a phase in Abhishek’s life when he lost control over his impulse and gained abundant weight. His love for food led him to reach 126 kgs of weight. It is then that he realized that this lack of control was costing him his health and future. He remembers how looking in the mirror used to be a struggle. Abhishek, thus, took it in his hands and resolved to lose the extra pounds. With months of hard work and control, he sailed through this dark phase.
This empowered him to help others, including his friends, cousins, batchmates, relatives, and others. This was followed by the phase when he wanted to earn money. He put in all his might and saved nearly Rs. 3.5 lakhs before he joined the family business.
The ease of earning at the family business and lack of creative challenges made him feel stagnated. He felt as if his ambition and pace were lost. It also made him realize that money is a part of a cycle and it is easy to make money if one is committed enough. He also says that business ethics are a must learn to achieve success. His insights on business and personality development go hand in hand.
He started with little businesses and soon had enough to buy a Mercedes. He later sold it for a profit and was ecstatic. This increased his business acumen, and he continually worked on his skills. Meanwhile, the process of helping others continued. This also motivated him to take up life coaching professionally. Today, he passionately works toward helping people recognize their passion and understand the link between body and mind to maximize the benefits.
All his customers are appreciative of his skills and motivation. We hope he continues touching lives the same way.


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