ATLANTA (PRWEB) September 07, 2022
As the workforce struggles back from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, data shows that women continue to find their lives, careers and earning potential severely impacted by its economic and social consequences.
But one woman, serial entrepreneur and women’s advocate Tonya Hicks, has personally committed to doing something about it.
“Women have always stepped up selflessly, leaving their jobs behind and limiting their own earning potential,” said Hicks. “Women need equitable career and job opportunities that pay a livable wage, benefits that support women's health, and access to affordable housing. The life of the working woman has changed drastically and it’s time the working world responds.”
Hicks will bring this message to the masses with her inaugural Women Do Everything (WDE) Summit and Career Expo, happening Saturday, October 1 at Georgia State University’s Center Parc Stadium in downtown Atlanta. The event will feature some of today’s most accomplished women entrepreneurs, executives and community leaders who will gather to offer insight, advice and even jobs to the hundreds who will be in attendance.
“We wanted to be intentional about every aspect of our event, including the timing,” said Hicks. “We are excited to host our inaugural Summit at the beginning of a month that brings awareness to many of the causes and issues that deeply impact women, such as breast cancer, domestic violence, health literacy and menopause. In fact, many of these topics will be addressed during our programming.”
Summit & Expo Highlights
Summit speakers include Atlanta Hawks’ Vice President and CMO Melissa Proctor, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO Veronica Maldonado-Torres, Atlanta Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative’s Executive Director Monica Hooks and Bank of America’s Senior Vice President Danielle Cheung.
Summit sessions will include topics such as: “Is College the Only Way to a 6-Figure Job?;” “Who Are the Workers and Where Are the Jobs;” “Women in Franchising: This Business is Not for Men Anymore!;” “The Gig Economy;” and “Body Image and Personal Branding.” The Summit will also include an awards ceremony honoring several of Georgia’s most “influential” women leaders.
The WDE Career Expo will feature 60+ exhibitors ranging from Fortune 500 companies, healthcare providers and nonprofits to public safety agencies, tech startups, financial institutions, and more. The free event will also include opportunities for attendees to network one-on-one with career coaches and personal branding/marketing professionals in the Women Do Everything “Career Coaching Corner.”
Trailblazing Engineer, Entrepreneur Channels Personal Adversity into Advocacy
Women Do Everything LLC, the engine behind the event, was founded by Hicks in 2015 as a social enterprise on a mission to change the future of work for women by providing the tools necessary to gain access to high-paying careers and contracts in male-dominated industries.
Her passion was inspired, in part, by her own career journey. Hicks was the first Black woman to be certified as a journeyman electrician in her home state of Mississippi. She is also the CEO of her electrical engineering firm Power Solutions, which she founded 22 years ago at the age of 28. (In the United States, only 2.4% of electricians are women, and just 9.5% of electrical contracting businesses are owned by women.)
Hicks is also a mother of two and personally relates to the challenges women face balancing the demands of the workplace and daily life, which have only been exacerbated since the pandemic.
“This is a particularly critical moment for women – be they employees or entrepreneurs,” said Hicks, who believes businesses need to prioritize flexibility, equity and inclusivity to address worker shortages and ultimately attract talented and skilled women back into the workforce. “This is the appropriate solution to building a more inclusive, supportive and representative workplace culture, and we are here to help guide them along the way,” said Hicks.
Anyone wishing to participate in the Women Do Everything Summit and Career Expo as a sponsor or vendor, contact events@womendoeverything.com. Those interested in attending may register online at http://www.womendoeverything.com. The Career Expo is free and open to the public. Full Summit registration begins at $199.
ABOUT Women Do Everything (WDE): Women Do Everything LLC is a social enterprise founded in 2015 by entrepreneur and electrical engineer Tonya Hicks. On a mission to change the future of work for women, Hicks and WDE have committed countless hours and resources educating, training and supporting women in pursuit of high-paying jobs and careers, with a specific emphasis on opportunities in male-dominated industries. Today, WDE is focused on the “whole” woman. It provides resources for upskilling, position and career transition, and other professional development supports while also connecting women with community partners that provide mental health services, dependent care resources and wellness programs. http://www.womendoeverything.com.
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