Cloud computing and storage have been in existence since the 1960s. A few years after the discovery by an American computer scientist, Dr. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, this innovation was widely adopted and used rby ICT-based companies.
Currently, cloud storage has permeated all aspects of our society. Popular tech companies like Dropbox, Google, and Apple now allow users to store essential digital items online.
Like every aspect of technology, cloud storage services have become a blockchain-based innovation. These platforms can offer a decentralized storage platform, allowing their users to make money.
Privesecure (CPR) is a new cloud storage platform. Unlike other cloud storage services, it operates on blockchain technology. This gives it an added advantage over other non-blockchain cloud storage services.
This article will highlight the benefits of Privesecure (CPR) over conventional cloud storage platforms. It will also briefly overview Ethereum (ETH), Privesecure’s foundation blockchain.
Privesecure is a next-generation cloud storage platform that allows its users to store, retrieve, and share files securely. Privesecure (CPR) is hosted on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. It utilizes this solid blockchain infrastructure to offer decentralized services to its users.
The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain is a proof of work blockchain that offers robust data security to its users. All Ethereum (ETH) transactions are safely stored on its blockchain.
This blockchain technology acts as an online ledger. It allows Ethereum (ETH) to maintain its decentralized nature by making all transactions open to the public.
Privesecure (CPR) will use the tight security offered within the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to secure its users’ details.
One of the main goals of the Privesecure (CPR) platform is the security and confidentiality of all files stored by its users. To guarantee confidentiality, Privesecure (CPR) promises to encrypt all files uploaded by its users.
This encryption is done immediately after the files enter the Privesecure space till the point of storage. Privesecure provides different types of encryption for files. The codes to decrypt these files will be kept in a separate location.
If the files get intercepted, the stolen files will be a jumble of garbage. The hacker will not be able to utilize the files.
However, Privesecure (CPR) has significantly tried to protect its platforms from cybercriminals.
Privesecure (CPR) will be an open-source program where all its users can access, identify, and fix any possible loophole within its codes to accomplish this level of security.
Privesecure (CPR) mustn’t take any chances with its users’ files. Privesecure (CPR) will encrypt and duplicate the files at off-site storage to ensure that all files remain safe. The access codes to decrypt these files will be securely stored on the blockchain and can be used to restore users’ files during a site-wide meltdown.
The Privesecure (CPR) native token will be the primary currency to incentivize storage providers. Users on Privesecure can use unused storage space on their computers.
These users will lend the spaces out to others and receive Privesecure (CPR) tokens as a reward. Thus, they will be moved to provide more space for the Privesecure (CPR) platform.
As earlier mentioned, the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain will host the Privesecure (CPR) platform. Some specific features of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain that make it the best choice include:
The Privesecure (CPR) token is currently on presale. This is an opportunity to become a part of this fantastic project. As an added advantage, presale participants have a chance to earn additional CPR tokens.
For example, the BNB token gives participants a 15% bonus on purchase and a 100% bonus on their third purchase. Participants also get a $25 referral bonus when the invited user makes a $50 purchase. The invited user also gets this $25 bonus.
Privesecure is opening new opportunities for its users to utilize what they have to make money. It is a unique opportunity within the crypto space. Participate in the presale to enjoy this cloud storage service on the Privesecure platform.
PriveSecure (PRSC)
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