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Here’s why you need to get invested in customer happiness.
With over 300 million smartphone users in the United States alone, app-based businesses can achieve an impressive reach with customers across the country.
Of course, while delivering your services through a smartphone app can be highly convenient, this doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be able to turn it into a profitable way of doing business. It doesn’t matter how major the model, if you can’t deliver a quality (UX), your app will fail to deliver the revenue your needs to thrive.
UX is basically defined by how “usable” your app is and the emotions it triggers. It focuses on structuring all the features of an app to deliver a convenient “flow” that matches the customers’ needs. Function and purpose must match to engage your audience.
As ‘s Nick Babich explains, customers evaluate their experience based on whether a product or service provided value, worked as intended, and was easy to use. Each of these can influence emotions while using your app, be it frustration or contentment.
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Consider the basic structure of your app. How will each individual screen be laid out in a manner that users will be able to find the information they need?
You can’t overwhelm users by throwing all information onto a single screen. Categorizing information into different pages within the app makes it easier for users to navigate to the content they need.
“A professional app that is useful and easy to navigate for the user — in our case, travelers who are in a hurry to make flights and need immediate assistance — will garner more trust in the long run and create brand cheerleaders for your company,” adds, Elad Schaffer, co-founder and CEO at Faye travel insurance. “A visually appealing interface with a more minimalist design becomes easier to navigate, and thus, more pleasing to the consumers you want coming back.”
Even after launch, most business-based apps need to be regularly updated or patched to mitigate security liabilities or glitches that keep users from being able to accomplish their desired actions. An app that crashes or has certain features that don’t work as intended will, of course, severely hurt the user experience.
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A study from AppDynamics found that 60 percent of customers delete an app after just a single attempt that included performance problems and 80 percent will delete their app if they continue to have performance problems.
The quality of the app will directly influence how people perceive your brand as a whole. This helps increase your and increases the likelihood of those initial users becoming loyal, lasting customers. An engaged clientele will spend more money with your business, increasing their lifetime value.
“Most people are looking for an experience they can actually feel and we are always seeking to enhance that effect,” recalls BrainTap Technologies founder, Dr. Patrick K. Porter, of when his company launched a headset designed to improve via light therapy and holographic music. “We also found our app churn was reduced to less than 1 percent when subscribers bought the headset, which has allowed us to accelerate the evolution of our app.”
It’s this consistent effort to create quality experiences that will help accelerate growth. Users who enjoy their experience will recommend it to friends and family and leave high ratings on app stores.
Studies have found that 77 percent of consumers will read at least one review prior to downloading a free app — and 80 percent will read a review before downloading a paid app.
By focusing on UX from start to finish, you can set yourself up for success and exceed customer expectations. With a quality user experience, you will achieve a stronger return on investment as you present your services in the best light.
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